Written by Hornymermaid

13 Oct 2016

One of my clients calls and says he has a friend who has come down from cape town for work he is exhausted and needs a back massage

We make plans to meet after work,as soon as I get home I shower and get ready pack all my oils and wait for him to pick me up as I will be working from his home

He picks me up at six and as I leave I tell my partner i'll be back home in an hour's time

We drive off and I meet the client he does look exhausted or so I think my friend leaves id alone and I get busy setting up i ask him if he would like to go to the bathroom and take of his clothes but to keep his underwear

He walks away but to my surprise comes back naked he is a good looking man well hung to

I offer him a towel to wrap around but he declines and says I should get on with it and that I should relax

He lays back on massage bed and relaxes and I start to work under this very unnormal situation we chat and as I work I notice he is having an interesting reaction to my touch his gorgeous cock is slowly stiffening I try to ignore this but its getting very hard to

All this while his eyes are closed as I get to his legs he opens his eyes and says relax and let's enjoy this together

He is now rock hard and there is just a bit of precum trickling out I cannot resist I reach out for him and I stick out my tongue to taste him we both moan!!!and boy was I wrong about him being exhausted.