Written by hornymermaid

19 Sep 2016

I work at a spa and giving a massage believe me can be a turn on being a bifemale doesn't help either

The other day a young lady came in for a full body massage,I took her in and asked her to take all her clothes of except her panties told her to get under the blankets and I would be with her shortly

She was very attractive and friendly

I went out to give her time to get ready then went in she was laying on the bed covered up i intoduced myself and asked how she would like her massage

As I started touching her I tried my best not to think about what I would like to do to her and with her she had a great body smooth and tight as I worked my hands touching almost every bit of her I could see that instead of relaxing she was breathing heavily I asked her if she was ok she said please carry on

by the time I got to her thighs we were both in a very different mood I was so wet and horny I could hardly breath I decided to take a chance my hand just went a little to high and I brushed her crotch to my surprise and delight she had removed her panties to and she was wet I was lost From that moment I don't know how but I was naked and on the bed with her sucking and licking her wet pussy she gave as good as she got

It was the best massage I ever gave