Written by Dreamon

27 Aug 2016

I'm so horny and all alone at home so this is what you can expect when you get home.

When you first get home this is what's going to happen. I'm going to stand up with my fingers on the t-shirt hem before I began to raise it up , over handful -sized breasts with my nipples puckered and hard. Raising my arms above my head so my whole ribcage move upwards , presenting my breasts on a platter of perfect skin. You will sit there staring , already halfway hard. I will put one hand on your shoulder holding you back in the chair....straddle your lap , my legs coked up on the arms of the recliner. I will press my lips onto your mouth , moving against you insistently. You will start kiss g me back....letting your arms explore this naked girl wrapped around you. My tongue pushing just hard enough between your lips.

You will cup one of my breasts. ...running your palm over the hard nipple. My skin is yielding instantly to your touches , giving way to firmness beneath. You will keep stroking my back...sensing my tingle every time your fingers reach the top of my ass, my tongue darting with more abandon. I will look at you while you lay me on the couch....my arms thrown back. You will open my knees..guiding one leg so my foot is planted on the floor and I will smile with understanding. You will bend your head between my legs , your lips feeling my moist warmth before you even touch me. You part my lips with your hands letting your breath caress me. I will already be slick from our kissing....and you will begin kissing my clit , making me arch my back for more. You slip a finger inside me....cooking it slightly as you move it in and out , keeping your mouth firmly in place. My wetness will make everything easier to find......your tongue flicking at my swollen clit , fingers swirling inside me.

I will be moaning now and my hands will be scrabbling in your hair , keeping you in position as I begin bucking against your face. You will feel muscles deep inside me clench around your fingers....let go and spasm again as I cry out. You start going slower , drawing me out , circling my clit while thrusting your fingers faster and harder. My cries will change to wails and the spasms will continue shaking my whole body now to one final arch before I collapse down onto the ground. We will lay comfortable, your arm around my shoulders your other hand playing with my breasts. I will begin running my fingers up and down your thigh exploring a little higher each time. Your cock will be strained against your pants and my fingers will find it , tracing up and down before I hold you tight. Mmmmm you will moan wanting out of clothing. As if on command, I will unbundle your belt , getting through buttons and zippers in record time and pulling everything off you. Your cock will spring free of its constraints, rock hard and pulsing to be inside some part of me.

I will take the head of your cock between my lips , tongue moving over you. It will be a physical effort to hold your hips back from thrusting forward , sinking your whole cock into my warm mouth. I will be getting there though , rolling my lips down your shaft the way you had always imagined...a fraction of an inch at a time , as though giving you a tour of my mouth. My tongue , hot and wet underneath .....The ridges on the roof of my mouth giving way to the soft slickness of my palate , further back the softest part at the back of my throat. When I have you all the way back there , you will think you are going to explode right there....rocketing cum straight down my throat. I will pull back , begin sucking , up and down, lips tight around. You will be exploring my body with your hands , pushing down the muscles of my back to knead my ass , your other hand in my hair. I will reposition myself , freeing up my hand and begin massaging your balls as I lick your cock with long tongue strokes...alternating my licking with taking you all the way into my mouth. The head of your cock grazing the back of my throat , before pulling back , licking again. Every time I plunge my mouth down over you , you will get closer and closer .....knowing that two successive thrusts would make you cum in my mouth.

I will suddenly stop all mouth action , my hand still playing with your balls. I will tell you that I want you inside me and I will tell you to lie down on the floor. You will lay back on the floor , unable to refuse me of anything at this point. I will straddle you again , grabbing hold of your cock and rubbing the tip against my clit. I will be soaking wet and your Cock will slide around with ease. I will keep using you to pleasure myself , making you ache to drive deep inside me. Your hands will go for my hips , trying to guide me onto you...but I will already be there , once again with perfect timing...guiding your cock between my hot lips and pushing my hips to yours , taking you all the way in and tightening the base of your cock. I will be soft ,warmer than my mouth , tightly clenching around you as I start riding you...One hand pushing on your chest as I slide up and down. You will reach up for my breasts , taking my nipples between thumb and forefinger and pressing down. I will gasp , riding you harder , grinding my pelvis against yours for deeper penetration. This time you will grab my ass , pulling on my ass checks hard to open my lips grinding back against me....wanting to find something that lay just beyond your reach , just a fraction deeper. You will keep pushing , aching for it. Feeling warmth building, swelling and you will squeeze my ass tighter knowing you are reaching it...that it was right there and then the warmth surged up the length of you ...jetting deep into me.....Two , then three , then four pounding strokes clutching onto my flesh and then sinking back into familiar couch cushions. .