Written by Gene

11 Jun 2016

I have been around the park a few times in my youth and the best memories was Sandy Beach and Lundudno in Cape Town. The fun did not stop those days when all was relaxed and free.

Nudism and playing naughtly on the beach was great and the excitement of having sex in the open was very exciting. Then things changed in life and you became settled and tried to live life as was expected of you by the community.

The years went by and thrill of playing was never forgotten, but buried very deeply in your past. Then suddenly it appears again and one wish that you have never forgotten the past and kept going.

But this is now the problem. How does one get back into the scene and the excitement of ones youth. This is the question and the struggle. The answer might the easy, but it is not always easy as the places of your fun is not there anymore or it is just to far to do it lately.

I just whish that I will soon have the chance to experience my youth again.

As a 25 year old it was great to play with a lady of 37 who had no inhibitions and was willing to do anything.

Please share your thoughts.