Written by BrianBlack

03 Nov 2016

I start with a kiss, a light, lingering press of our lips before I pull you close against me and attack your mouth with my own. Then, when you were pressing against me and panting with need, I would move down your neck, kissing and nibbling the entire way. Over your collar bone, down to your breasts where I would massage and kiss and lick and nibble until you were a quivering mass in my hands.

...With your knees weak and your head spinning from pleasure, I would push down onto your back and kiss down your stomach and over your pussy. I would lick it once, gently, to tease you and then kiss down each of your thighs, making sure to pass over your pussy again and again.

Always teasing but never tasting as you whimper in anticipation, and then make you gasp as I dive into your luscious folds.

I would lick your cunt, from top to bottom, tasting every single inch of you. I would lick your clit lightly at first, and as you moaned and whimper at my slightest touch, I would lick harder and faster until you were bucking and writing on my tongue. I would taste your delicious juices as my tongue slid slowly over your pussy, finding ever spot that made you gasp with pleasure. And the moment you did, I would attack that spot, twirling my tongue over, around, into and out of it until you screamed with the agonizing pleasure.

With your pussy gushing, your back arching, your toes curling and your eyes rolling I would stop. Breathing heavily would be the only sound you could make, the only thoughts why did he stop, I would raise my head, look into your eyes, smile, take a deep breath and then dive back in for round 2.