Written by Playingalone

13 May 2015

It began with a chat on Swingers Heaven.

I say these amazing pictures of a couple and SHE was jus a dream for fucking as I saw it.

It was hard to believe that they lived nearby and he was saying he wanted to introduce me to his brown wife.

We met at Wimpy near Kolonnade

I was already hard before I arrived and when I saw her - What can I say I was as horny as hell.

I just wanted to fuck her until I came.

We smiled at each other and I joined the two of them for a coffee. And wow she was so lekker

There was no promise made. I just hoped like hell that I would be invited.

I had little time as I had to be seen back at work very soon so I mentioned that.

They responded by leading me to their small home nearby.

We all went in and I sat on the couch with the husband while she. Laura, (her id name)went for a bath.

I wanted to join her in the shower, but sadly not invited.

I have no idea what her husband and I said to each other - my mind was on the water from the shower. Waiting for it to stop.

It seemed to last for ever.

Finally she emerged dressed only in a towel wrap.

She called me straight to the bedroom - how my heart jumped.

I did not have much time so we went to the room straight away

I was as hard as a rock

She helped me to get undressed and then started sucking on my cock while I was still standing and

while she was sitting on the bed

Then I saw for real what before I had only seen in pictures.

It was awesome I was so hard I just wanted to fuck her

It was not very long before I was on top of her and probing her pussy with the tip of my cock.

She was real tight and wet too. It took a whiile to penetrate fully but then I was in.

We had awesome sex.

Mr. was sitting in the tv room while we were in the bedroom

Like I said, she was real tight and real wet

She did she wanted me to cum in her but I pulled out

It was awesome. I wanted more but had to go

was watching her all the time even as we were fucking.





But it did not last too long before I had to run to the bathroom and unload.

Sometimes I still think of her and that tight ass that I might have fucked if there had been time.

I hope to be invited back one day when there is more time and see what she will allow me to do.