Written by Dreamon

02 Sep 2016

I hear it in your voice....see it in the way you look at me....you show it by licking your lips after saying my name. You wonder what I would feel like underneath you...its possible...just close your eyes and picture me.

You hear footsteps and know it's me. I lace my fingers with yours as I move into you....you wrap your arms around me....lean in towards me.....slowly , hesitantly with a question in your eyes. I part my lips...tilt my head grant f you permission. The kiss is gentle and explorative...you test the waters. I open my mouth wider so you our tongues got more room to play. The kiss deepens as your hands roam over my body...your mouth moves to my neck. ...your hand on the back of my head as you taste my warm skin.

You back me up against the wall...you wrap both my wrists in your hand and raise my arms above my head , holding me in place. Your other hand undoes a button on my blouse...you slowly trail a finger against the skin you have exposed. You undo another button....The tops of my breasts are visible...another button. You see my nipped harden...straining against the bra's fabric. You trace the dark arouses with your fingertip.

Another button. The full round shape of my breasts are visible...you cup them ....One by one...cataloguing the sensation. Another button. A light trail of hair starts above my belly button ....you tickle this spot with fluttering fingers....The last button. The trail of hair continues into the waistband of my jeans . My hips push forward as you unsnap my pants. My hands encircle your neck as I take a step apart. You grab handfuls of my pants...pulling ,you lower yourself with them . You put your face in my crotch. You hadn't expected my pussy to smell so sweet. I look down to watch you linger there. Your nose at the v of my damp slit. Your eyes are closed as you press your face into the sheer fabric of my panties and breath deeply.

I place my hands on your shoulders as I remove my shoes , jeans and panties. You rise slowly, your hands reach my bra...you undo the clasp and pull it from my arms. You take a step back...stare at my naked body in front of you. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of my nakedness. I boldly meet your gaze as we stare into each other 's eyes. You have a knowing smile on your face...you step in ...kiss me...thoroughly, completely. ..weakening my knees. My breath catches in my chest. Your tongue probes every corner of my mouth. You release me to look into my eyes. I see another question there....I whisper yes in response.

You move me to the bed arranging me on my side. I hear you remove your clothes and then you are with me...spooned against my backside. Your hands begin a journey of my body. Starting at the curve of my breastfeeding. .sliding over my ribcage. ..moving down into the indentation of my waist....back up over the curve of my hip...Over my thigh...and behind my leg up to where my ass and thigh meet. You lift my leg and place it behind me, over your hip. You reach around to find my moist center. You insert a finger and move in light circles.....enjoying the sounds my wet pussy is making. The head of your cock presses against my dripping hole. She's ready for you. In one fluid motion you bury yourself deep inside me. Filling me. I revel in the thought that I have all of your wonderful manhood inside me. My muscles contact to hold you firm in place. You begin to slide out unhurriedly. You enter me again at a leisurely pace. This feeling is bliss.

I concentrate on my muscles, keeping my pussy tight. .enveloping you. You plant yourself deep inside and rotate your hips...furthering your penetration. A soft moan escapes my lips. This slow smooth love is what you knew I'd like. My moans deepen and becomes louder. Your pace quickens as you bite and suck on the back of my neck. With your hand you pinch my nipple and squeeze it roughly. I am pushing my ass against you...silently begging for release. You release my nipple and reach down to touch my clit. I gasp and that fuels your fore. ...you trace your finger along the lips of my sex feeling the way your cock is stretching my pussy open. You increase the tempo of your hips . Slapping yourself against me. You place your hand firmly on my mound to ensure the deepest excavation.

My moans increase....you can tell that I'm gonna cum soon. You finger my clit ....I climax...squeezing your hand and gripping g the sheets. You continue ravaging my pussy with your cock until I feel your body begin to spasm. Your face is in my hair. You growl deep in your chest. The sounds you are making and your fingers brings me to another orgasm. It starts at my clit...and radiates outward...rippling through every nerve. I can feel spurts of your hot cum filling my sacred space. You whisper my name as your body stills. I can hear a smile in your voice. We are silent as the power of what happened consumes us. I don't wanna break the silence, but I feel compelled to tell you what has been true from the first time you smiled at me..


You let the revelation sink in ....glowing in its magnitude. You van have me anytime...anyplace. Just close your eyes and picture me.