Written by Now Bi Curious

13 Aug 2013

So was at the gym for my workout and afterwards decided to chill out in the steam room. Went in and took a seat. There were 2 other dudes in there a white guy around 30 and a black guy about the same age. Any how after a while the white dude stood up and took a drink from the tap. He was sporting a hard on. Looked over at the black guy who was also naked and he had the biggest cock I have ever seen. Now I am straight but could not help but look in shock at the size of this cock. The other white guy came back and sat down and said it's huge hey but you should see it hard, the black guy just laughed. I said could not imagine it getting any bigger. With that the white dude leant over and started wanking the black guy.

Well fuck me if this cock did not swell to the size of an arm, I could not stop looking and felt my cock stand at attention, tried to hide it with my towel but the guy said do I want to join in. I said no thanks.

The white guy went down and started sucking the black cock could barely get it in his mouth - was amazing to watch. The the black guy sucked on the other dude. My cock was busting watching.

Then the black guy stood up and shot a thick creamy load all over the white guys stomach and left followed by the white guy.

I sat there in awe and wished I had joined in.

Just wondered if any others had similiar experiences to share...