06 Mar 2020

The unexpected photo shoot.

She calls a guy in to look at the tv . He comes and checks cables ect.. she leaves he fone on the table next to him. She accidentally leaves a pic of her self in underware on the screen.  He looks down.. he see the picture. He smiles and looks at her and says " nice picture" she blushes , "that was not supposed to be there" she says. She keeps her cool and to be casual says.. I don't like it, I don't know how to pose right.  He laughs, you just need a good photographer , you have the looks already.  She responds.. have anyone in mind.. he then says yes, me. She laughs, ok now. Surprised he says ok let's do it.  She asks what must she wear and he says it don't matter, make it sexy.  She go and changes and calls him into the room.. she is sitting on the bed shorts, shirt.He suggests a few posses and takes a few pics telling her how georgous she is. He then says lower the pants a little, as if you taking them off, so the a bit of the panties show.. wow, and takes a pic. Now the shirt he says.. she then says but then it's only a bra. He responds .. it's only pictures. She removes the shirt. He takes a few pics of her complimenting her body all the way. She is feeling more comfortable around him now. He says lie on the bed on your side.. she lie down.. without the shorts. She removes the shorts and reviels her red g string. So hot.. he takes some pics varies angles and suggest a few posses. She lies on her tummy and he snaps that perfect bum.. wow.. raise the bum a little he says.. she don't understand and says how. He puts the camera down and holds her hips lifting them alittle. Such soft skin she has. He laughs.. and says next one is the erotic shoot, and she responds why next time. He looks at her for a second.. smiles.. gives her the camera and says.. how about you now take a pic..he hands her the camera and right away starts kissing down her chest. He kisses down her tummy..she takes a few pics. He go lower and nibbles down her underware.. he slides her underware to the side and nibbles her lips.. he then slides his hands up and slowly pulls her underware off. He go down on her again and she takes a pic. He then slides up her body kneeling infront of her. He nibbles her nipples as he loosens his pants. He then takes back the camera and takes a pic how his now rock solid tool sits ontop of her soft moist lips. He hits Vedio and records as he enters her for the first time. He changes positions , styles and angles. You ready for the final shoot he says.. gasping she says on my tummy. A few strokes later her pulls out and pulls the condom off and let's go on her tummy between her hips. He takes a pic of the sweet mess he left. He gets up and she go to wash.she walks out and laughs.. I think I should become a model if all shoots are like that...

Tags: tease, erotic story