Written by erotic

28 Oct 2012

i chatted with this one girl over the the internet and after 2 week gone bye we swap pics and talked and i asked her if we can meet . she siad okey and we met one saterday afternoon at a hotel when i arrived at the hotel she was not yet there i fhoned her and she siad she is near the hotel so i started to go to the bar for a drink as i sat there she came trough the door walking in . she had on a smaal red mini that was 4 fingers above the kniee and a shirt showing off her big tits she walked over to me and i order a drink for her we talked and the move to the hotel room . on our way we talked and warm each other up we close the door of hotel room and started kissing i then took my hand down her back grabbing her firm ass and kissing her hard .she the took off her shirt and after about 20min we were both naked i started licking her pussy and she loved it then she sit on the bed and i stand in front of them she sucked me out .the next moment the door open of our room and one of the cleaning ladies came in and saw us there she started took blush and siad sorry sorry so i siad she must not say sorry and she must cum and jion us she siad no and want to walk out before she could stacey (the girl i was with from the start)stop her and start to calm her the next thing stacey and angi (the cleaning ladie) started kissing i sit and watch them for 45 min how the kissed lick each other and play with each other the stacey was licking angi pussy i went to angi give her my cock she sucked it like a pornstar stacey also suck me after she licked angi and both sucked me of . the stacey leid down i sucked her while i sucked her angi siad put in please so i fuck angi while sucking stacey . i then fucked stacey and back to angi for 20min then i told them i am giong to blow they boyh open thier mouth and i shot my load then they kissed each other and cum was al over that was a great meeting and that weekend me and stacey fucked alot