Written by Charlie

20 May 2017

So here I am wondering about what kinks/fetishes are the hottest and will get me throbbing hard. Recently chatting to a married friend who I met on another site long ago. The idea of having sex with her is one of my greatest desires especially because she is forbidden fruit. We have basically only met up once in person for a cool drink in my car outside her work. I could feel the attraction in my groin yearning to have her. Long after we met we chatted for a long time online flirting but never going anywhere and eventually lost contact, only to reconnect no so long ago.

Since reconnecting I told her that I wanted to lure her away for a few hours and fuck her, she asked if I was sure as I had only met her once, I said yes and asked if she wanted too, she was quite for a long time but eventually responded saying yes.

That is when it came out she would like to be blindfolded. This just tipped my mind over the edge. Now I am having fantasies of blindfolding her and tying her up , teasing her body in all kinds of ways and making her orgasm uncontrollably. Eventually after she has a few orgasms, I want to slide my cock into her deep and slow at first and then as hard as I can until I fill her with my cum, only then untying her. Sending her home with a pussy full of my cum to her husband just turns me on even more.

I have tied up previous lovers but the difference was those were girlfriends and not somebodies wife.

Now my mind wants to try all kinds of things with her that I haven't experienced before. I think I would like to let her urinate on me while I am in her. I wonder if she can squirt, suddenly I am obsessed by the idea of a woman squirting all over me.

Has anyone tried cannibus oil on their genitals, I was thinking of rubbing some on her clit while she is tied up. I covered my cock with some and gently rubbed it in, I got very hard and ended up having quite an orgasm by myself, weather it was just in my mind I do not know but it felt amazing