Written by Unknown

25 Aug 2017

Hello freind

My first story so please mind the mistakes

We a average looking couple and my fantasy of watching and joining in having a threesom with my wife

This is our story

We went out to night club after a few drinks at a up market bar,

My was and I was playing around out fantasy and said let's go for it our arrangement was she choose the suitable guy and age and seduce him eventually asking him to join us at our hotel

But as luck play it and my wife sexy black dress she was using it did take long before a couple of guys where drooling over her

So two guys had the courage to come up to her and chat her up before long the were a house on fire doing shoots

Then my wife dropped the bomb say guys I'm married and pointed out to her hubby

So as guys be want to run out on her she said wait let me introduce u guys

Long story short we meet and after lots of drinks we decide to leave asking if the want to joint for a night cap at our hotel room which was not to far

One of the guys came with us as the other was wasted no point taking him

We got to our room and my wife feet was sore so this guy offered her a foot massage

Well one thing lead to another before long the were making out in full view

So he goes down on my wife and she now only in her bra as mr wastedno time in removing her panties he suck her off as too wat I was seeing she was enjoying and and bout to come wen I stopped him

Mrs undid his belt and poped out his massive member and seeing the excitement in her eyes she gave him a blow while I enter her on the dripping wet pussy with all this excitement 2 mins was all I lasted and this took over rock hard Dick pushing into my wife tight pussy with me watching as she moan and groan with pain and pleasure finally he got all his cock in and started pumping my wife

It was the first time I saw her being so sexual and moans louder than ever till she cam over and over and this guy not stopping 15 mins later he come and I up and hard waiting my turn I put my cock in her loose and wet pussy and it took me five pumps before I came over welmed with excitement

Part 2 to follow