Written by Redrose

11 Oct 2012

You knocked at my front door, I walked over and opened the front door. I see you standing there with a beautiful smile on your face. I lean over and kiss you softly on your lips. I step aside and invite you in, as you enter the house you smile at me, you kiss me tenderly on my lips. Your kisses become more urgent as you push me up against the wall as you close the door with your foot.

Slowly you run your hand over my breast. I can feel the heat of your hand through the fabric of my blouse. I gasp with anticipation and excitement. You start to unbutton my blouse slowly, you slip your hand into my blouse cupping my breast. Your other hand slips my blouse off my shoulders. You unhook my bra and slip my bra off. You stand back and lustfully gaze at my breasts. You smile as you cup my breasts as I moan softly, I hear your breathing deepen. You tease my nipple with your thumb until my nipple hardens. I lean against the wall and at the same time I press my pelvis against your hardened member.

you kiss me passionately, keeping you hand on my breast and the other hand on the small of my back. You slowly move your lips from my lips and move down my neck leaving a wet trail as you do so. You kiss my neck softly and move further down until you reach my breast. You lick my nipple softly until it hardens. You gently suck my nipple, nibbling it softly before releasing it. Your excitement increases and I moan out loud from sheer pleasure, this excites you even more. You move your attention to my other breast. You flick your tongue over my nipple and softly suck my breast, you nibble on my breast but this time a little harder than the last time and I cry out in pain but am enjoying the pain at the same time.

I feel your hands slowly stroking my body and making their way to my hips, you rest them on my hips for a few seconds before unzipping my skirt and allowing it to slide off my hips. I step out from my skirt. I moan out loud as I feel your hands stroke my thighs and gradually making their way to my inner thighs. You gently stroke my inner thighs with your fingers. I feel the heat your hands through my lace pantie as they move over my pussy. You rub my pussy gently and apply slight pressure with your fingers. You stop only when you feel my love juices through my pantie. You slip your hand inside my pantie and slide your fingers into my eager, warm, wet pussy. I moan out loud from desire and push myself against your hand. I open my legs slightly giving you better access to my pussy. Suddenly you stop, I open my eyes and look questionly into your eyes and I see my lust mirrored in yours eyes. You go down on your knees, turn me around making me face the wall. You slip my pantie from my body, and I step out of them.You run your hands over my buttocks and gently part my cheeks. You proceed to lick my anus and as your excitement grows you stick your tongue deeper into me I lean against the wall for support as I cry out in pleasure. While you are doing that your fingers are playing with my clit, I am now so wet from excitement. You remove your fingers from my throbbing, warm wet pussy. You use my love juices on your fingers to lubricate my bum. You slide your fingers into my bum, I cry out in pain as you do so. You make sure I am well lubricated. You manoeuvre me over to the back of the couch and bend me over the couch. I feel you part my bum cheeks once again. I involentary tense up my body in anticipation of whats about to happen. I feel you slowly slide your hard cock into my bum. I cry out softly as you enter me, you hesitate slightly and again you gently push yourself further into me. This time I cry out louder, you hesitate slightly but I tell you to carry on and not worry about me. You adjust your hold onto my hips, holding me more firmly and tighter. With one final thrust you thrust yourself deep into my bum, I scream out loud in a mixture of pain and pleasure, soon the pain is forgotten and the pleasure has taken over. I feel you thrust deeper and harder into me. With the pain the thing of the past I am now enjoying you fucking me. I start to koan out aloud from pleasure. you thrust deeper, harder and faster into me, I match you thrust for thrust. Enjoying every moment and and feeling every centimeter of you inside me.

You pull my hips closer to you and hold me more firmly restricting my movements and not allowing me to move away from you. I feel your body beginning to tense and your breathing become deeper and more laboured. I sense that you are close to climaxing. You thrust deeper, harder and faster into me. I hear you start to moan out loud as well. Suddenly I feel you explode deep inside me, I can feel you shoot deep into me. You don't stop but continue to thrust into me. You thrust deeper and harder into me gradually you begin to slow down, eventually you stop. I feel you lean against me for support. You push me onto the couch and we lay like that, your cock still in me until we have regained some strength. You turn me around, slip your arms under my knees, i slip my arms around your neck as you pick me up. I lean against your chest as you carry me to the bed and gently lay me down on the bed climb in beside me. You cover us both with the duvet and we lay there spooning as we fall asleep.