Written by Wanton

06 Sep 2011

So, it was a hot and steamy night and I had to leave the dancefloor and head outside for a few minutes respite in the fresh ocean air.

As I passed through the bar area, I caught the eye of a younger guy who was looking at me as if he hadn't eaten in two weeks and I was a a succulant steak... I smiled and kept moving towards the door.

Once outside I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply... Suddenly a hand slipped around my waist. I drew in a breath and spun around to confront whoever it was, only to find the young chap from the bar.

He looked hot and sweaty, his dark hair slicked back and his ragged breathing assaulting my senses.

Before I could say a word, he kissed me.. and what a kiss. My toes were tingling, my mind was awash with pleasure..

I kissed him back and suddenly we were ripping each others clothes off and staggering towards the pool house, his hands were everywhere, on my body, touching my secret places....

When he took me against the wall and I felt his shaft probing my innermost recesses I almost screamed in ecstacy.

He lifted my legs so that I was straddling him and he fucked me with raw animal passion until we both came in a frenzy of bucking bodies and shuddering limbs.

He lowered me gently to the ground, kissed me slowly and deeply.... and walked away.

I never saw him again, but I dream about him often.....