05 Apr 2017

I sat in an open-air restaurant the other day when she came passed - probably straight from the beach, as there was still sand on her feet. And she was wearing the tiniest of denim shorts. She must have turned the heads of all hetro-sexual men that saw her. It was like pulling a magnet through fine iron particles… The effect was something to see… and something to appreciate.

I am fairly certain, though, that it was more her confidence that was doing the ‘magnet-thing’ – not just her looks or her built. Admittedly, she was well-built and beautiful. BUT she was walking with confidence and you could see how she enjoyed the attention.

I think Ms Confidence would have been able to walk to any man in the restaurant that day and ask him to order her a drink or something to eat…and he would have gladly obliged. (Except, of course, the occasional asshole you get everywhere.)

The power of a woman is difficult to define or box. It stretches way beyond the testosterone / progesterone factor. It could, at times, have something to do with sex appeal. It can hurt at times. It can provide almost instant energy at other times. It is constructive many more times than destructive. It is a remote power that makes men come to a standstill, hurl them around on their heels…to look again….and to sigh… What exactly is it that crosses the minds of men staring at women like that? Utter lust? Or appreciation? Or admiration? Or a combination of all of that? I don’t know exactly what it is that I feel…but it is a nice feeling for sure. And it leaves my mouth dry…The power of a woman can move a man to jump into his car to travel 800 km….just to return the next day…or sometimes the same day….

Yet, it is sad that some women have not yet discovered that power within themselves. Have you? And do you live it out?

Ps. Of course women would, at times, trigger the pure lust factor in a man. It could even be regarded as a compliment for the woman. However, the way in which the man manages that lust, puts him in the mature (or otherwise) category. (And I have only one more “story” to tell, then I’m done. Next week same place.)