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17 May 2015

The Pool Boy


12 minute read

The Pool Boy Candy pulls the lounger out of the shade cast by the big oak tree and into the sun. She puts her bag down next to the lounger, adjusts her sun glasses and stretches herself out onto her back. Clasping her hands behind her back she revels in the early morning heat radiating from up above, covering her silky white body in a warm, luxurious glow. She reaches into the bag and retrieves the sun tan lotion. Working slowly, enjoying the sensation of the cold white sun cream on her skin, she rubs first her arms and legs, then her stomach. Biting her lip, giggling softly, she sits up and unclips her bikini top behind her back, letting the flimsy strip of tangled material fall to the patio next to the lounger. She loved feeling the sun on her naked breasts. The sun tan lotion was a handy excuse to play with them, to tease and to massage them with the sticky lotion. Candy was one of those people that were born horny. A sexual, tactile disposition that she has carried with her all her life. And playing with her naked breasts outdoors made her already elevated sexuality skyrocket. She imagines strong hands, big, heavy man hands on her breasts, squeezing and kneading, bringing her to the brink of blissful release. She licks her lips, mimicking a man’s tongue on her lips. The sound of the gate in the fence around the pool clicking open, jolting her out of her fantasy. She twisted her head in surprise at the intrusive sound. Her heart leaped into her throat. It was Shaun, the pool boy. Oh my God, she thought, she’d forgotten today was pool cleaning day. Shaun had not seen her yet. He placed his shoulder bag, containing all the chemicals and other apparatus needed to keep suburban pools sparkly blue year round on the pool tiles. His back was turned to her. Candy felt next to the lounger, groping desperately for her discarded bikini top but her feverishly hunting fingers could not locate the garment. She lay perfectly still, scared to even breathe. She kept her eyes on Shaun. He lifted his shirt over his head and hung it from the fence. Candy stopped feeling for her bikini top, entranced by the sight of the young boy’s muscular back, glimmering in the morning sun, his muscles flexing alluringly as he bent forward to open his bag. Candy wondered how old he was. Not a day over twenty she thought. A youngster, nothing more than a boy. But with the torso and body of a man. She watched his taut, firm buttocks strain against the material of his tight fitting swimming costume. She wondered what his cock looked like. She wondered what it would taste like in her mouth, what it would feel like inside her tight, dripping wet little pussy. All thoughts of finding her bikini top is now forgotten as she pervs on the hunk of muscle going about his business, her hand slipped underneath the flimsy little triangle of red material that covered her pussy. Her pussy was wet. She slipped a finger inside her warmth and bit on her lip, imagining her finger to be his cock, sliding in and out of her. And she knew what she wanted to do. What she had to do. She had to fuck Shaun. She watched as he moved the pool net deftly along the sides of the pool, collecting the countless oak leafs that had fallen into the water. He was still unaware of her presence, her lounger partly hidden from his view by a large pot plant at the edge of the pool. He turned away from her and headed to the pump house to switch the pool pump on. She watched as he walked, his buttocks flexing inside his short, tight trunks. Without hesitation she slipped out of her string bikini briefs and padded silently, butt naked, over the tiles and to the edge of the pool. She waited until Shaun was bent over the pool pump, fiddling with the switch and then jumped into the pool with a loud splash. She swam under water, the length of the pool and surfaced on the other side, closest to where Shaun was. Shaun, startled by the sudden splash behind him, swung round. He was too late to see Candy’s naked body slide into the water but just in time to see her surface on his side of the pool. His mouth dropped open as he watched her rise above the water level, shake her head from side to side, her shoulder length dark hair swinging provocatively from side to side. He developed instant heart palpitations when he saw her naked breasts break the surface of the water, float like balloons, and her swollen, hard nipples pointing towards him. He forgot about the pump. He stood, hands dangling by his side, the beginning of an erection stirring in his pants. “Well, are you just going to stand there or are you going to come over and say hi?” Candy asks. Shaun grinned sheepishly. He had seen Candy many times on his weekly visits to the house to tend to the pool and he had always liked what he saw. Once, through a slight part in the bedroom window he had seen her walk naked from the shower, a towel wrapped around her head. The image had stayed with him for a long time. Although she was young, Shaun guessed correctly that she was in her mid-twenties, she was a good deal older than the girls he dated in his own age group. He liked that. There was something about her slightly older age, the fullness of her breasts, the confident way that she carried herself, not gawky and self-aware as the girls he knew. He walked slowly towards her, trying his best to keep his growing erection in check. “I don’t bite you know.” Says Candy, swirling her tongue suggestively on her lips. When he stood in front of her, his feet at the edge of the pool, she looks up at him and flashes him her best, seductive smile. Shaun found her smile simply irresistible. “Really, I don’t bite. I like licking and slurping and sucking more.” Candy says. Shaun gulped. He swallowed hard. He lost the fight with his penis. It strained against his shorts, like a caged animal ready to escape at a moment’s notice. Candy patted the edge of the pool with her hand, saying “Sit here, Shaun, I hate talking up at you like this.” Shaun obeyed. He sat down, his feet dangling in the water. He closed his eyes and shot a quick prayer of thanks to all the gods in the universe for as he sat down he saw that Candy was not just topless as he had assumed but in fact buck naked. “It’s so hot today, isn’t it Shaun?” Says Candy. Shaun manages a meek “Yes.” His eyes penetrates the water, looking for an alluring glimpse of pussy between her legs. His heart races when he notices that she is clean shaven, not a sign of pubic hair anywhere around her loins. “Then don’t you think you would be much more comfortable without those swimming trunks?” Candy says, tracing her fingers softly along the exposed part of his legs before touching his erect cock through the material. “Oh my Shaun, it looks like someone is desperate to come out and play.” Candy says, as she rubs the palm of her hand across his crotch. Without waiting for the boy to respond, Candy hooks her fingers into the elastic around his waist, pulling his shorts down. Shaun lifts his buttocks, letting her lift the shorts over his erect penis. “Now isn’t that a whole lot better Shaun?” Candy says. She moves forward, sliding her body between her legs and lifts her upper body onto the pool tiles, her face hovering around the tip of his cock. “But what about your husband! Is he here?” Shaun’s voice is panicky, suddenly remembering that Candy was indeed married. Holy shit, he needed this job and he didn’t need that kind of trouble in his life. “Oh, Mark isn’t here. He is at work. But even if he was, he wouldn’t mind.” Shaun’s head reeled, “he wouldn’t mind?” He shook his head. How does that work he wondered. If Candy was his girl he would mind a whole lot. He had little time to ponder the intricacies of Candy and Mark’s relationship because Candy had his full attention immediately as she wrapped her hand around his cock. “What a nice big cock you have Shaun. So long and so thick.” Candy says and then lowers her mouth over his cock, enveloping the head of his penis into her mouth. She sucked his cock, sliding her mouth all the way down the length of his shaft, deep throating him with ease for Candy was that kind of woman. Shaun let out a grunt of pleasure and closed his eyes. Candy smiled, works every time, she thought. She stroked the base of his ball sack with her fingers as she continued to slurp, lick and suck on his cock, now rock hard, like a steel pole, in her mouth. Lifting her mouth from his cock, she looked at him and fluttered her eyes in the way that certain woman do, a flutter that is simultaneously as innocent as an angel and as depraved and corrupted as the world’s biggest slut. “As much as I love sucking your cock, Shaun, what I really want is for you to fuck my pussy with it.” Candy says. “Would you like to fuck my pussy Shaun?” She asks. “Yes.” Candy lifted herself out of the pool and stood on all fours next to him. “Fuck me doggy style Shaun.” She says. The dazed and lust consumed boy scrambled behind her. She reached with her hand behind her butt and guided his quivering hard cock into her wet pussy. She groaned as he entered her, rocking back against him, pushing her butt against his torso, her hungry, craving pussy accommodating all of his considerable young manhood inside her. “Do you know how to fuck a real woman Shaun?” She asks. Shaun grunted. He pushed in and out of her. She spread her legs and lowered her shoulders so that he penetrated her at a slightly downward angle, just the way she liked to be penetrated. She snakes a hand between her legs and rubs her clit as Shaun’s penis thumps into her. “Don’t fuck my like your little teenage girlfriends Shaun. My pussy is not made out of porcelain. Fuck me like you mean it Shaun. Fuck me like you have never ever fucked a pussy in your life.” Candy says. Shaun does. Spurred on by Candy’s dirty talk, her sluttiness that is so completely different from the girls he had slept with, he gripped her buttocks and fucked her like a man possessed, like he would never ever be able to fuck again, as if his life and those of his descendants depended on it. “That’s right Shaun, fuck me like that. Fuck my pussy. Harder Shaun, harder.” Candy says. She loved his cock inside her. She loved new cock. Touching different parts of her pussy, sending her into that happy orgasmic space that she loved to occupy as often as possible. Shaun shifted position behind her, his penis now entering her at a different, slightly sideward angle and it was just what she needed to orgasm around his cock. A massive wave of pleasure ripped through her, making her shake and quiver. “I’m gonna cum!” Shaun grunts. “Cum on my face. On my face, I like it on my face.” Candy pants and pulls forward, letting his cock slip out of her dripping pussy with a loud plopping sound. She spins around and kneels in front of him. She grips his cock with her hand and rubs it vigorously, pumping up and down. Shaun throws his head back and grunts. Hot, sticky white streams of cum shoots onto her face, covering her forehead, her cheeks, running down the sides of her nose and landing in her mouth and on her lips. As befits a young teenaged boy Shaun spurted buckets full of cum, coating her face in white cream. Candy loves the smell and the texture of the warm goo on her face. She leans forward and licks the last remaining drops of cum from Shaun’s cock. She stands and smiles, a sweet smile spreading across her cum streaked face. “Thank you Shaun, that was just what I needed.” She turns and walks towards the house, leaving her discarded bikini outside. The cum drips from her face, dribbles over her chin and lands on her chest and breasts as she walks purposefully inside. In the doorway she turns and waves at Shaun. “See you next week again Shaun.” She says, and walks inside. She hurries to find her cell. Standing in the kitchen, where there is the most natural light, she quickly snaps a selfie of her cum covered face, finds Mark’s number and hits send. She waits a few seconds then dials Mark’s number. “Did you get my pic honey?” Candy says. “Holy fuck yes.” Mark answers. “I let Shaun, the pool boy fuck me.” Candy says. “That is a lot of cum.” Mark says. “I want you Mark. Come home and fuck me now, while his cum is still fresh on my face.” “I love you baby,” Mark says, “And I am hard as a rock. I’ll be home in five.” The phone clicks dead. Candy looks at her watch. Five minutes. She knew his office was at least a ten minute drive away. But then again, Mark loved driving fast. She smiled, her heart racing and went to the front door. She opens it. She stands in the doorway, waiting for Mark. She slips a finger in her pussy. God, can five minutes be this long, she wondered. Captain and his C

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