Written by Anonymous

10 Apr 2019

The T There comes a time in any man's life where you realize that you are past your prime, you had spent a lifetime dedicated to your wife and children and their needs. Never even giving a second thought to your own. When you have time now you keep thinking about missed opportunities, the wink you got from a waitress and even the cashier at the bank.

Such was the case of John Murray. A dedicated father, dedicated husband and dedicated worker. Since his retrenchment, John struggled with guilt. Not just guilt to provide for his wife (the kids are all grown up now) but the guilt of not satisfying some of his fantasies when he had the chance. Two years ago he broached the subject with his wife and was amazed that she did not condemn him to hell. "So you have thought about this too?" "Yes I did, I have a fantasy or two, maybe we should try" was her response. John wanted to satisfy her fantasy and broached the subject with a close friend.

The date was set and Mark arrived on time. The tension could be cut with a knife, "where do we start, how do we start?" John wondered. Julie took the lead, she stood up and excused herself, John and Mark continued the conversation around work while taking sips of their wine. A beautiful full bodied Merlot. Julie entered the room with a light blue teddy and took her place on the couch, picking up her glass. Both men could not keep their eyes off her body, the blue actually let her blue eyes stand out more, the soft curve of her breasts seems to be hugged by thin material and her hard nipples could be seen and appreciated. John felt his manhood stir. It is as if he is seeing his wife for the first time. He glanced at Mark and saw him shift in the chair. John attempted conversation again but Mark was oblivious. His eyes only focussed on the beauty sitting across from him. Julie took another sip of her wine and said: " I thought we are going to play and yet you two are just chatting on about work". John got up and pulled Julie by her small hand. He started to kiss her pasionatly. He turned her so that Mark could appreciate the beauty and firmness of her ass. At 40, she still has a beautiful figure. Mark got up and started caressing Julie's ass and her back. He planted a small kiss on the side of her neck and a moan escaped her lips.

As the kissing progressed the two men switched positions, Mark's hands quickly found the inside of the teddy and his fingers penetrated Julie, again a moan escaped her lips. John continued his caressing from behind. "Take it off", she whispered in his ear with her head against his shoulder. John slowly pulled the straps from her shoulder. Letting the teddy drop to the floor, Mark could not get out of his clothes fast enough. He almost grabbed Julie right there and then. Julie laid down on the floor and allowed Mark to continue his finger play and sucking of her gorgeous nipples. John undressed, kneeled at Julie's head and gave her a long passionate kiss. Mark was ready to enter her, both John and Julie felt his pent up desire. Julie held on to John's hand in anticipation. As Mark entered her, her back arched and her grip on John's hand tightened. Mark let out a loud grunt and collapsed on Julie. Both Julie and John look at each other in surprised disbelief. "You are kidding me right?" Was Julie's question to Mark, "I do hope you can come a second time?". "Sorry, no but thank you, it was great" was Mark's response as he stood up and got dressed. " What the fuck man?" at least you can stay or play with her till she comes" John could not hide the anger in his voice. "No sorry, I have to leave" was Marks reply as he headed for the door.

After Mark left Judy sat on the couch naked drinking her wine, Mark's cum still visible in the condom on the floor, she did not bother to even pick it up. John kneeled in front of her. " Well, at least the first part was a bit of fun for you right". "Yes, it felt great, I did not know what hand was where, whose fingers did what. I have never experienced such feelings" Julie replied. John leaned over and started to kiss her, he could smell, Mark's scent on her yet he continues unabated. His lips found her breasts, her nipples and she slowly spread her legs to allow his mouth access. John. lifted her from the couch and placed her on the floor, as he entered her he also exploded within a few strokes but she knew he will stay hard until she can also cum. Then he will come for a second and even a third time. He did not disappoint.

"Should we not try another 3 some?" John asked Julie while they were having dinner a few months afterward. "We could try but just no Mark again please" was Julie's response. " No definitely not, we can register on this site and maybe someone will make contact" and they did make contact, the problem was some of the comments and responses put Julie completely off. "I am done, these people do not show respect, nor do they care" Delete the profile please". " That does not seem fair, I never got to live my fantasy and you had a chance to live yours, granted not as you would have liked but at least there was a little bit of action," John said in defense. "Then I grant you permission to see if you can have your fantasy fulfilled" but please do not include me". He thanks her as they fell asleep in each other's arms.

It has been years since that day. Always before he leaves he would always make sure that the permission she gave that night was still valid. Even so, John is getting older and the regrets even more. If only he had the conversation earlier he might still be young enough, handsome enough to attract interest to fulfill his fantasies.

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