Written by Lizzie20102

21 Feb 2017

She came home to find her husband and his best friend already home, sharing a scotch. She overheard they were discussing her and she stood closer to hear what they are discussing...

Husband: “So you think my wife is attractive?”

Friend: “Yes. If my wife looked like her, I’d fuck her every way imaginable”

Husband: “Would you like to fuck my wife?”

Her heart pounds as she waits for the friend to answer. She knows her husband would allow it, as they share the fantasy.

Friend: “Well, it would be a great honor to fuck her. Would you mind?”

Husband: “Not at all. Like you said, she is quite fuckable.”

By now, she is halfway to her room, excited as can be. She can hear how the men are discussing the details and she knows her husband would want to watch his wife being screwed.

Husband: “Honey! Are you home yet? Would you mind coming to my study?”

She: “In a minute”

She quickly changes into something more suitable for the occasion. Black lace panties with a matching push up bra and a red summer dress. She goes to the study...

As she enters the study, both men look at her. She can see the lust in their eyes. Her husband gives a grin, she knows so well. The same grin he gets when he pulls her closer and kisses her in her neck. She bends over to kiss her husband hallo her back to the friend. Slowly she bends over, knowing her husband’s friends’ eyes are on her.

She: “Is there something I can do for you, my love?” Playing it coy.

Husband: “Andrew was asking me if he could have a taste of how amazing you are...” Running his hand up her thighs under her dress, making sure she is wearing underwear.

She looks straight at the friend and answers her husband: “Only if you’ll be watching, Honey.” Then she walks over to her husband’s friend and asks him if he would like to first feel how a blow job should be given while she unzips his pants. He’s already hard and more than eager to experience her magic touch.

Her husband pours himself another Scotch and sit back in his armchair in the corner of his study.

Watching how his wife gets down on her knees and start sucking off his friend. How his friend grabs his wife’s hair and groans as she takes him deep in her mouth. He knows the feeling too well, how her tongue plays with the tip of his cock while her lips rhythmically moves up and down his shaft. Her hands cupping his balls and playfully squeeze them.

She looks up to the friend, they make eye contact which he cannot look away from. Her eyes captivate him while her mouth plays around his cock. Telling him, he has quite a big cock! He can feel the excitement building up and wants...needs to take her. But he knows he’ll have to play by her rules. He’ll have to contain himself until she is ready.

Husband: “Honey, I want you to fuck Andrew like when you were my personal assistant...”

She slowly gets up, keeping eye contact with Andrew and commands him to stand up.

As he gets up, she takes off his pants and leads him to the desk. He cannot keep his hands off her and would love to see her naked body. Yet, he doubts that he’ll be allowed to see it.

At the desk she turns her back on him, bend over the desk and tell him to screw her from behind.

She can hear her husband grasps and she knows how turned on he is right now as he takes a trip down memory lane when he use to bend her over the very same desk during lunch breaks not so long ago. She looks up at him and sees how he still has the grin on his face. While his friend takes down her panties. See notice the two men nodding at each other, like her husband gives his final approval to his friend and he penetrates her slowly.

As he enters her, she looks her husband straight into his eyes and he can see how she enjoys being fucked.

Andrew takes hold of her hips and moves faster, feeling how wet she is and how tight her cunt is he goes deeper and faster. She takes hold of the edge of the desk as he fucks her hard, deep and fast. She moans and tells him to go faster, still looking at her husband. He’s about to cum; he thrusts her hard and releases himself deep inside her.

As Andrew turns around to sit down, she stands up, walk over to her husband. As she comes closer, he can see his friend’s cum dripping down from his wife. She bends over and whisper in her husband’s ear: “I’ve been a bad girl; I fucked your friend do you want to punish me for that?”

Without saying a word, her husband takes her arm and leads her to lay over his lap. He pulls up her dress and first strokes her bottom then he spanks her. Between the slapping, he feels how wet her cunt is and plays with his clit. After a while he said: “Now make it up to me.”

She stands up, unzip his pants, take out his cock and sit on his lap, facing him. Slowly lowering herself unto him, sinking deep into him. He takes hold of her breasts and she start riding him, putting her legs around him, moving her hips faster throwing her head backwards. She can feel how he’s getting ready and she’s also about to cum. They cum together, both utter a groan of relieve and she leans forward putting her head in his neck. They sit like this for a while, slowly coming back to reality...