Written by tweedledee

29 May 2014

I was reading these some of these stories and thought “wow” I have a few from our little life that might be fun to share….Forgive me baby 

Our sex life is something else….its like a good wine….it seems to get better and more adventures with age, I suppose that’s why we joined this site.

We had hit a small bump in the road about 10 years or so into our wonderful marriage, and we were working really hard at solving it. We had separated for about 4 months but I had a job move and we decided to give it another go. Love was never the issue.

We moved far from all, and started to get our lives back on track. It was a great place to start over, new friends, new love and just finding ourselves and each other again. Things were progressing nicely but we were conservative with each other. Normal stuff in the bedroom, light off. There was never any resistance but it was just a little flat. Anyway, I have to say that by now we were also starting to gym and diet. (in hind sight part of the problem was the Fat to body ratio. Anyone who doesn’t believe this is like a smoker who says its not bad for your health)…..I digress.

I get home one afternoon and my wife has a little glint in her eye, she has such pretty eyes especially when they glint……they glint a lot these days…..it happens when she is horny and that took me 12 years to find out. When they glint these days I just find a place pronto…..bit of a problem when you are on an A380 heading to a country that cuts your dick off if you pull it out…..but otherwise it’s a really cool thing to know.

Again I digress…..where was I? ….ok glint in the eye…..she tells me that one of our mates are getting married and that we need to travel. She has organized the kids a baby sitter for the week. This will have been the first time we are going away since our reunification but been a stupid man I don’t even think about it….im thinking….South Africa, shopping, spares, meat, beer…..fun fun fun.

So I get air tickets, give my mother a call (imagine if she knew I was on this site hahaha) so we can borrow her car, book hotel, and all the normal traveling stuff that one has to organize.

The day for lift off arrives and we are at the airport…..her eyes are glinting like a fucking strobe light…..i notice she has a little dress on and is looking very pretty….actually looking hot…..fuck but she has lost weight, how come I never noticed that before. A few drinks and we are on the pane and off we go……those days it was pleb class, no big business class seats…..And for you who think this is about sex on a plane, its not…..be patient…..the trolley arrives and we order a (beer I think or whatever alcoholic) and she slide a little sideways in her seat and give me a kiss telling me how much she loves me…..i notice her little dress has slid up her leg fuck and she has beautiful legs. I put my hand on her leg and its hard and smooth. Shaved to perfection. I look at her and her strobes are flashing……she takes my hand and slides it up her leg to meet her pussy….it is as smooth as her leg and as soft as flower…..now I know this sounds corny but she has one of those pussies that are closed. Nothing sticks out. Its like a little mouth with the lips closed. It is only slightly open at the bottom. You know some woman if they bend over it opens like a “B52 Bombers doors”. Her doesn’t…..these days I notice that when she gets really horny the clit manages to peek a hole through the top but I think that’s because she has been rubbing it on the sly…..again…eshhhh focus man focus……so my hand its this “mouth” and its shaved smooth as the legs. I look at her in her eyes……if I was epileptic I would have had a fit from the strobe lights flashing…..my heart jumps and misses a few beats…..kind of like it is doing now while I write this……she pushes a little further and my finger slides between her lips touching her clit…..she gives a little squeal and the guy in front looks back…..she pulls my hand away and straightens her dress……Im fucking flabbaghased…..i don’t know what to say. I look at my hand and my finger is wet, not wet as in “stuck your finger in your mouth wet” but more like “just got out of the pool wet”….well suddenly I am like a little kid on his first date, I cant thing of anything to say….wife of 10 or more years and I have a “Bek vol tande”

Fuck me if she doesn’t put her chair back, handbag on her lap and close her eyes smiling. The next thing I notice her hand under her bag and although I cant see anything I know whats going on, and its not looking for spare change…..I am bright like that…..Every time I try and touch I get a slap……fuck it was a long two hours. Ok so we hit the airport at the other end she gets off the pane in front of me and I notice a wet patch on the back of her dress…..she is fucking dripping…..and my wife never drips….we pic up the car and off we go……the story gets a little boring here because its borders and other shit that makes no sense so its been deleted…..now we are on a nice piece of road driving along (cant stop we got to go straight to a wedding) and she hitches up the dress, puts the one foot on the dash, puts the seat back and the other leg over mine and starts to give herself a full working out…..fuck, there should really be a rule about no Masturbating and driving...its far more dangerous than drinking or God forbid talking on the cell phone……well im trying to drive, look, drive look….you remember when you did your license and it was “left mirror, right mirror, rear view mirror”…..well this was “Road ahead, pussy road ahead, pussy, straighten steering wheel, pussy, pussy , pussy, fuck she is going to have an orgasm, fuck I almost hit the dude on the bicycle, road eyes front, moan, arching her back, scream, fucken hell”….anyway we have about 20 km to go and …..I have to say this, she is conservative, was conservative…..my wife never masturbated……and I mean never. Self pleasure was not her thing…..but here she was, giving it stick….it was crazy….i was running out of skin….i was sweating and shaking and she was there, orgasm after orgasm wave after wave and she was screaming…..she used to moan a bit but never scream…..that was unless I left the wet towel on the bed after a shower…then she screamed…..but I tell you, must have been 10 or so orgasms, her clit was swollen like a small dick…..then she says “give me your hand, put your fingers in”…..and who am I to complain, I push two fingers into her and she screams “move them side to side, hurry” …..fuck I have never seen her like this, I move and she is rubbing her clit, I slow down and offer to fuck her and she screams “drive, just fucken drive” and its getting crazy. She is rubbing I am moving my fingers and then I feel her whole pussy open up….fuck I am at this stage freaked out to say the least “don’t you dare fucking stop” she looks at me with a vein popping in her neck and her eyes wide like someone who has been bitten by a mamba…..she lift up her face goes red, im franticly moving she is rubbing and he pussy is opening up like something out of Alien…..she thows her head back and arches her body and starts to growl and loan and behold she starts to squirt…..man I have never experience anything like this in my life….it flies out like a fire hydrant…all over the seat the dash board and my leg……now some of you will know what this is and understand that I didn’t…..i had heard of it but never seen it. I pull my hand out and she screams not to stop, she is rubbing so hard I though she was going to break her clit…..im jamming my fingers in and the fluid is flowing…..like an vein that has been cut…..she grabs my hand and pulls it away and slams her legs closed trembling. She lies there shaking…..I pull over and stop…..i ask her if she is ok. She just nods and whispers drive…..

Well let just say that we have perfected that these days but fuck what an experience. I was the birth of a new era for us……it was her discovery of her body and what she liked…..since then many a hotel room have had their beds soaked but the first time is always the most vivid.....forgive the spelling but i got excited just writing this again.