Written by Plugged

21 Oct 2012

The exercise mat is so slippery from all the massage oil lathered on wifey’s sexy black body that it is difficult to get up. Jim & I are lying on either side of the mat and when Wifey returns with the bottle of bubbly, she sits cross legged between us with a shy smile on the face.

What’s up, I ask her. Oh nothing, she replies while pouring the bubbly for all of us. As she leans forward her pussy lips move and another drop of Jim’s cum escapes. I ask wifey if she is keeping Jim’s cum inside for future use and she replies that she has never been more satisfied having had a load in the pussy and the mouth so she is not in a hurry to clean up. I should add that wifey normally does not swallow.

Wifey starts to rub my dick while adding a little more oil and asks whether I enjoyed the show with Jim’s huge dick buried deep in her pussy. I tell her that it was the absolute best but I notice that the shy smile remains on her face. She is now rubbing Jim’s dick as well so I let her play. She obviously has another plan. I get up to go to the loo struggling to rise on the slippery mat and my huge hard-on is not making it easier. Wifey gives me a little nudge and causes me to fall over on top of Jim. I feel his hard dick on my stomach and I must admit, it feels rather good. I push myself of him and take his dick in my hand telling him that this is a dangerous weapon.

Jim smiles and wifey is now virtually drooling with excitement. I ask her what it is she wants and she looks at Jim and asks him to push his dick into my ass. I’m as straight as an arrow and I am quite shocked at wifey’s request. I pull her closer sliding her along on the mat opening her glistening thighs as far as possible so I can slowly push my dick into her very wet pussy. I said to wifey that my ass should remain a virgin for now but she is oblivious to my words as her orgasm slowly starts to build again. I roll onto my back with her on top of me exposing het shapely butt to Jim and he wastes no time positioning his hard dick at wifey’s ass.

Jim’s dick is very big and wifey starts to complain when he slowly pushes it in her ass. She reaches back and with a quick move of the hand directs Jim’s dick into her pussy instead. My sizeable hard dick is already filling that space but wifey lifts her butt a little higher so Jim can enter. Damn but it felt so good to feel Jim’s dick sliding into wifey’s beautiful black pussy against my dick. It is an extremely tight fit and the slightest movement from any of us is multiplied. Wifey is screaming with delight as I start rocking back and forth. Jim pulls his dick nearly all the way out and then back in harder, a little faster, and faster.

Fuck this feels so good to have his dick rubbing against mine and feeling wifey’s shaking body between us. Wifey orgasms with a gasp and sight of her pleasure drives me to the edge while I savour the massage from Jim’s dick in my wife’s tight pussy. Jim is not far behind and shoots his load deep into wifey’s sexy pussy. Wifey shakes as yet another orgasm rocks her body. Jim pulls his dick out of wifey to much complaining from her. Then she looks at me and asks, “So are you afraid of Jim’s dick?”

“Well wifey, I am not too sure .............................................! Oh shit, this sounds better every time I think about it.