Written by Plugged

14 Oct 2012

It is nearing the end of winter in wet and blustery Cape Town. We are very active people who keep fit with outdoor activities rather than gym visits. Not too much opportunity for the outdoor stuff around work schedules during this winter.

I am browsing through the local junk store and come across a large padded exercise mat for sale. I immediately see the potential of my sexy lady starting those Yoga sessions in our lounge – she bought the video more than a year ago. I arrive home with the exercise mat, clear the centre of the lounge floor and lay it out. My wife walks in and says, “Oh great! A massage mat at last – I’ll get the oil”. I am quick to respond. “No dear, this is an exerci......, Ummmm – maybe you have a point there!” At least I received the first massage. Yoga? Hell no – massage is good exercise and a lot more fun especially when the family are all sound asleep.

We go to great lengths to arrange an evening at home all to ourselves and sexy full body massages. I happen to chat to an old friend of mine a few days before the grand evening and she tells me about our mutual friend Jim who does fantastic massages and (in her words) “He has a telegraph pole for a dick!” and then she proceeds to give me a graphic explanation of how he massaged her – externally and internally – for over 3 hours! I start thinking about that pole in my wife’s wet pussy after a massage and I get so aroused that my dick is ready to explode.

I call up Jim and explain the massage situation to him. He was immediately keen to get involved. I speak to wifey about the “professional” massage and she is ready for it. Jim arrives on the night and wifey warms quickly to the idea of a “normal” back and leg massage from Jim, the “professional. I lay out the mat while wifey warms the oil before she carefully lies down on her stomach being very careful not to flash any boob in Jim’s direction. Needless to say the knickers she chose to wear were also not the super sexy knickers she loves. It is just a normal massage, she reasons. I open the first bottle of sparkling wine and start pouring for everyone. Wifey loves her sparkling wine and ALL her inhibitions go out the door very quickly.

Jim removes his shirt and makes sure that wifey sees that he has kept on his shorts before he starts the massage. Little does she know what awaits her! He steadily massages her neck, shoulders and lower back and moves the unsexy knickers down over her shapely black butt by a centimeter at every stroke. Wifey is now on her 3rd glass of bubbly and is quite happy that Jim is taking a very long and thorough look at her firm boobs while she is propped up on her elbows to drink.

Jim asks if she wants her butt massaged and she murmurs her agreement. Jim is quick to whip off her (unsexy) knickers and gets to work on her shapely butt before she can resist. I step closer and help Jim out of his shorts & jocks releasing his impressive rock hard 23 cm dick without wifey noticing. Jim is now straddling wifeys very well oiled beautiful black thighs while he massages her butt and inner thighs. His dick is hard and ready for action and he is sliding his body up and down wifey’s legs as he massages that shapely butt.

He parts wifey’s shiny black butt cheeks with his hands and leans forward so his hard dick can slide up and over her now very wet pussy lips and then it gently slides past her anus. Wifey moans with pleasure and lifts her hips off the floor waiting for the next stroke. Jim teases her by blowing air on her anus and waits a long time before he slides forward again so that his dick just touches wifey’s butt cheeks but misses those sensitive, shiny, wet pussy lips. She groans in anguish.

Wifey raises her hips further off the floor waiting in anticipation. Jim looks at me and I quietly mouth the words “FUCK HER NOW!” Jim leans forward and places the massive swollen head of his dick between wifey’s very wet pussy lips but he barely parts the lips. He gently works his dick back and forth across the length of the shiny, quivering black pussy lips. Wifey is now highly excited and she is moaning with pleasure while raising her hips even higher.

Jim slowly, very, very slowly slides his massive 23 cm dick into that beautiful pussy until every possible millimeter is buried deep inside my sexy wife’s pussy. Wifey lets out a muffled scream and Jim pushes his big dick hard into her again. I am holding my rock hard dick in my hand because I have never seen such an erotic scene such as this. It is the first strange dick sliding into my wife’s beautiful pussy since we met 7 years ago. I ask wifey if she wants more and she says “Fuck, YES!”

Jim pulled his glistening dick all the way out and then rammed it back into that beautiful pussy – again and again, harder and harder, faster and faster! Wifey is screaming with joy as her orgasm builds. Just when she starts to shake Jim pulls out and lifts wifey up onto her knees. He positions his dick at her now very swollen pussy lips and rams his long dick in so far it looked like his balls were going to disappear into wifey’s pussy. She is in ecstasy and leans over to grab my dick pulling it into her mouth. In between her fast breathing and muffled screams she sucked my dick like it has never been sucked before! Jim is holding her hips and burying that long dick up to the hilt with an added shove at the end to get it even deeper inside. It was a mere minute before we all had the most earth shattering orgasm.

We collapsed in a heap on the slippery exercise mat and I lean over to shut off the camcorder. Wifey went for another bottle of bubbly while Jim and I smiled well satisfied smiles at each other. Was it the end? ....................Wait for the next instalment!