11 Apr 2017

There is a difference between what women say and what they actually mean…a rather big difference.

E.g. she says (it is actually say and not ask…) : ”You still love me, darling?” means: You are not giving me sufficient attention, lately (…and it should come to an end soonest…).

These kinda statements are still rather easy to manage as a man. E.g. you don’t have to answer her. I mean, after all, it was a statement and not a question. She knows it. You should know it.

But it get trickier than that: She SAYS: “You like my dress, darling?” Now you are in for a hiding, no matter how you answer. She realizes she does not look all that great in the dress – hence the question (which is actually a statement!). Else she would have kept quiet and wait for a compliment. But boy, oh boy, don’t dare AGREEING with her. If you say : ”Nope don’t like it so much”, you sure are in for trouble and if you disagree with her and giving the dress your blessing, you may well be in for more trouble, albeit somewhat later. Does this sound familiar : (after the party) “So and so said the dress does not compliment my figure. I shouldn’t have listened to you….” Or “I did not get a single compliment for my dress at the party. I shouldn’t have listened to you…”

Yeah sure…


These vocabulary differences between man and woman do make life interesting. If I need not have to interpret what she says, life sure would be a little duller…Yet, my man/woman dictionary gets thicker by the day. And I do carry it with me lately..... :-)