Written by kinkygirl

05 Sep 2014

I am a 29 year old woman slim and sexy build one day I was invited to a club were one of the guys was my best friend

and he told me about the party that was going to happen on that Friday I arrived and my friend got me at the door the

place was full about 30 single guys and 6 single ladies as the night goes on me and my friend went to sit at a table and drink drinks he told me that he saw a girl and went to her I sat at the table alone and just watch all the people

as I sat there one guy came to me and ask me if I dance with him I did and we were dancing and drinking then he ask me

if I wanna go home with him I went to his home when we arrived there we drinked more drinks we started kissing then hes friend came to his house and ask if he had plans he said just chilling then he kissed me and rubbed my boobs I was drunk and horny I dint mind the friend standing there after a time I felt a finger in my pussy it was his friend that night they both fucked me a lot until the next morning that was a great night my pussy and asshole was sore but it was nice