20 May 2018

We met at a coffee shop, down a side alley, off the main beaten track. Away from the public, away from their preying eyes, we wanted to be alone. Able to talk in our own worlds where no one ventured, no one knew and to which no one cared to know about.

The secluded tiny coffee shop only held only 4 circular tables, each accompanied by two chairs as nothing more would fit inside. The coffee machine perched on top a thick mahogany bench sat against the wall, steam billowing out from its top. The large glass counter holding sandwiches, cold meats and a few assorted baguettes filled with delicious fillings that teased every taste bud in your mouth met you as you walked through the door.

A table stood against the wall, meeting the large wooden framed window that spanned the entire store until it met with the door. Here staring into her paper she sat. Her long black hair cascaded down her back landing on her white long sleeve shirt. The brown trench coat slung haphazardly over the rounded top of the chair. Her tight fitting black dress clung to her hips, below flowed two long smooth golden brown, silky smooth legs landing into tall maroon polished high heel shoes. A true goddess that oozed sexuality and beauty with her face, a fusion of Mediterranean flair, she could stop a raging bull dead in its tracks. Let alone her deep hazel eye that would melt the most harden heart in a mille second.

I smiled at the barrister, ordered a black coffee, pointed to her table and headed to her. She stopped reading the paper at the sound of my voice, looked up, smiled at me, melting my brain immediately with that beautiful smile. Standing up, we hugged, tight and warmly then with a kiss on either side of each other’s cheek before we sat down. My coffee arrived as we began to chat and begin the conversational dance of our journey through the day. Idle chit chat flowed but there was something else on our minds that did not involve coffee or the shop and hardly any talking.

My heart was pounding in my chest as you spoke, capturing every word and seeing every detail of this beauty before me. Your shirt tailored snug against your body, buttoned up just enough to reveal your incredible breast, slightly hidden in the white lace push up bra. Your cleavage was like the brightest light to moth, drawing me in, I could not stop looking down. I could tell you knew this and deliberately sat forward uncovering slightly more flesh. The affects sired inside me making the blood flow into my cock making it hard. Deep breaths, relax my mind tried in vain to reduce the sensations building up.

Placing my hand on your leg, just above your knee, I felt your smooth silky waxed skin, the sensation tingles into my fingers as they lightly flowed in circles to behind your knee. That spot right there just behind your bent knee my fingers know too well and lightly touched and played. Knowing full well what I am doing to you is making me harder, my heart racing slightly faster and making you wet.

Our smiles linked in the air as my fingers twirled behind your knee and we knew it was time to get out of the shop. Standing up I paid the bill, thanked the barrister as I walked over grabbing the door you. You swung the coat on just before we headed into the alley, turned left and walked further away from the mad rush of the main street. Leaving the madness of the world behind us, both of us lost in thoughts of another pleasurable madness but within each other.

The walk was silent as we savored the air, the sights of the small shops in the alley until the small red door was reached a few minutes later. Knocking, the door opened, we are welcomed in by a small man in a butler suit and directed up a flight of steep stairs. Up we walked, my heart pounding now harder in my chest as I see your thin muscular legs flex onto every step. God they were so smooth. The excitement close to bursting out of me, I hope no one can hear the loudness of each heart beat that’s exploding in my head.

Reaching a landing, we are welcomed by a beautiful lady dressed in an immaculate suit. She hands you the key and without any words directs us to another set of stairs, which we climb after saying our thanks, receiving a beautiful smile back.

The stairs came to a stop meting the landing with two doors side by side. You reach up and open the left door with the key and holding the door ajar, show me to enter. Walking into the room I see the biggest 4 poster bed I have ever seen, a small table stood against the wall at the foot end of the bed with a bag sitting on it. Large long curtains closed over what could maybe be windows behind them and candles alight all over the room.

The door closes behind me but before I turn you say

“Stand still, close your eyes”

My heart nearly jumps out my chest as you fit the blind fold snug onto my head. Your kiss startles me but I welcome it as your tongue explores into my mouth and I meet it equally. Soft and moist our kisses, exploding within my mind making my legs jelly. Your hands slither over my shoulders to remove my jacket, the kisses stop, I hear you move away. Place the jacket down on something and then return landing another kiss and begin undoing my shirt. You move away, button by button , removing my shirt leaving me naked from the waste up. Your tongue licks my nipple, my mind explodes, the sensation unbelievable, your hands flow over my skin, over every muscle, igniting every sense with in me. My body screams Yes, my mind blows up.

Your kiss lands on my neck while your hands lightly flow all over my chest, my back, causing my skin to burst in exited pleasure. You remove my belt, I feel the top button undo and the zip opens. You beautiful soft kiss against my lips lands just as your hand flows into my pants and holds my hardness tight. My breath deep helps maintain some calmness but my tongue beguiles it and ventures into your mouth fast, seeking yours but finding you pull away and kiss down onto my chest, my nipples and head down.

I feel you push my trousers down, landing in a piled up heap at my ankles, your hands find my underpants and pull them over my hardness and sending them to the join the pile of cloths below. You hands grab my legs lifting one by one releasing me from my shoes, sock and other cloths. Now standing naked in front of you, blinded and exposed but excited beyond words.

You take my hand and lead me towards in what I think is the bed,

“climb on, lay on your back”

I do as you say, the bed is soft and welcoming, my mind now swimming as to what is going to happen. Lying down I feel you movements on the bed, your leg surround my stomach straddling me. Then you move up and my arm is pulled above my head to the side and the soft silk tie wraps round my wrist, then you pull it tight, my other hand follows suit. I pull down on both wraps and find I’m tied tight, secured in and cannot escape.

“Relax” you say, with an evil grin no doubt on your face.

I feel you move off the bed, then my ankle is warped and pulled down to the side, the other follows shortly. Again pulling on them I’m faced with resistance and minimal movement. Completely tied down at your mercy, vulnerable, under your control, exciting but nervously welcomed. I can feel my hardness swollen and hard with traces of precum lining my head, dripping onto my skin.

The bed moves again and you straddle my chest, your soft skin ribs against mine and I can feel you are also naked. Sitting down onto my chest I feel your weight, feel your wetness moisten my chest. Im so gald to know that we are both in the same state as each other.

Your hair falls onto my arm, slow moving down over on to my chest, my skin exploding as the sensation ripples through my body into my mind. You do the same to the other arm, sitting forward flicking you hair down onto me and moving it down my skin. You stop and kiss me soft and gentle, those wet beautiful soft lips landing perfectly on mine.

You start to kiss my neck, flow down onto my chest, Flicking your hair over my face as you kiss and then nibble on my nipple. My body contorts to the sensation, pleasing craving more from you but stopped by your silk wrappings from going too far. Further down you kiss me all over my body hitting every single erogenous zone with perfection and skill. You tongue licking here and there sending my mind into sheer ecstasy that makes me wont more.

The movements of your hips stop just above my hard cock. Slowly you push your hips down onto me and I can feel your wet pussy land perfect on top of cock, pushing it down onto my pelvis, trapping me between your wet lips. You hair falls onto my chest and you sway it from side to side , all over my chest causing my goosebumps to explodes all over my body. You hips push harder onto me, I can feel my cock split your pussy lips open and met with those soft lips either side of my hard cock.

Flicking you hair some more you hips move forward, sliding up my hard cock. I can feel your lips sliding up me, soft, wet and warm. The sensation exploding inside my mind, you feel so good. Flick of your hair and your slide down me wetting me even more. You raise your hips and I feel you move down me, kissing all over my stomach, my hips. With a flick of your hair landing all over my pelvis you tongue licks my cock head, encircles it enjoying my precum as my entire body feels as if it is going to explode right there under your tongue. Down the side of my cock you lick, cupping my balls in one hand you move back up. My mind awash with the sensations, now going beyond control, I grab the silk wraps and pull down hard as you take me in your mouth trying to keep myself grounded somehow.

My moan escapes my body and fills the room as deep into your mouth you suck me in and massage my balls. The most unbelievable, sensitive sensation exploding are out of my cock and rocking through my body, every muscle jerking in response but still hindered again by your wraps holding me at bay. My hips buckle as you continue to suck down onto me, you other hand slowly stroking me now in time to your mouth. Both your hands and mouth now sliding up and down my hardness, driving me further down the road of complete and utter bliss to the point of no return as the sensation detonate deep inside my body.

Faster and harder you suck and hold onto me, the unbelievable sensations ripping through me. The silk wraps digging into my skin as the sheer pleasure takes hold of me while I try hold onto something. My cock begins to pulse, I know I am close. You suck down even harder and play with my head with your tongue. The sensation now beyond any form of control as my cock jerks deep inside your mouth and I explode my cum into you. Clamping your mouth down harder onto me you take all of me into you as my entire body seems to be drawn deep into you.

Your mouth leaves me, spent, exhausted, my mind drifting in some other world. I am not even sure where I am, drifting maybe floating somewhere. I feel you move away from me then surprisingly kiss me hard and then flop down at my side and hold me tight. I would kill right now to hold you but still my movements restricted, when I feel your hands start to flow over my body. Slowly they encircle my chest flowing all over me, reawakening all those nerves in my skin, knowing that I am extremely sensitive all over.

You hand flows all over me covering every inch of my body, I can feel the goosebumps responding rapidly to your touch and deep down inside me the sensation starts exploding in my mind. Those hands flow over my pelvis, over my cock returning life back after it previous spent state. I can feel the blood flowing into me as your hand flows past it, over it, over my hips and back up to my chest.

You move on top of me, our naked skin sliding over each other as you straddle me again but leaning forward you make me feel your breast touch me lightly, your nipples slowly harden against my skin. I wish they were in my mouth so I could lick and suck down onto them, feeling them harden in my moist mouth. I feel you move down and again sit down onto my hips.

Immediately I feel your pussy split onto my cock, moist, warm, pushing down onto me. I just want to get inside you now the craving inside me strong to feel you. I feel myself sliding through your lips, soft and wonderful as your essence slowly trickles over me. You take my cock in your hand between your legs, stroke it making me harder, more alive.

I feel you lift my cock, your pussy on my head as you circles me with your hips, then slowly sink onto me. Your body accepts me, slowly opening to me as I move inside you, warm, wet you surrounding me. Every sensation within me, completely concentrating on what is happening round my cock, you start to ride up and down the full length of me, pulling in into you slowly. I feel you contracting round me, milking my hardness into you, slowly, carefully.

You fall onto my chest, riding your hips up and down my cock, deep into you as your hands flow up and down my arms. The wraps loosen now on my wrists, you sit up, push down deep and hard onto me, grabbing my hands at the same time placing them on your beautiful breast. Massaging them, holding them tight onto you I feel the flesh of you sink into my hands. Your hardened nipples rubbing into my palm, squashing into your flesh as we massage your breasts. The feel so good in my hands.

You hips ride right up to the top of me, almost to the very edge of me then you fall down onto me. Driving me deep into you I feel my hard cock fill you and slit your open deep indie. Ribbing every inch of your pussy as you raise your hips again, squeeze my hand into your breast and fall down onto my cock.

The feel is beyond words the slow build up is driving me insane, I raise my hips to meet yours as you fall down my cock, thrusting me harder and deeper into you. My hair becoming soaked in your essence as it starts to flow out of you. Your muscles clenching harder, milking me deeper into you as your hips start to rock on me as you ride up and down the full length of my hard cock.

As you slide down me a moan escapes you, you lean forward slightly, pulling my blind fold off so I can watch you. I see your hips riding slowly up and down, my cock head almost slipping out of you before you ride up and then sink all of me back inside you. The sensations within us starting to take over our bodies as you slowly push us both to the edge. I want to scream, I want to fuck you hard, but you are in control, slowly riding my cock. I can feel ever piece of you cover my cock, warm, wet, beyond wonderful.

You push down harder, driving me deeper into you so I can feel the slight spasm trying to wreck orgasmic carnage in you. Up your hips flow, down hard onto me, you moan loud, mine joining yours. Together we start to flow in the rhythm our bodies crave of each other and start to ignite an uncontrollable desire.

Your pussy clenches against me/y cock, your hips shudder as you take the last inch of me into you. Up you ride slowly then down hard, moaning louder, clenching harder, your mind exploding with every sensation caused on my cock inside you.

Deep inside I start to feel your insides begin to contract wildly around me, your hips driving down harder onto me divining me deeper inside as you body starts to looses it self on me. You rub hard onto me driving the orgasm to begin. I feel your pussy grasp hold of me, you body rocks as I feel your essence explodes down my hard cock onto me as you begin to start Cuming.

You hands grab mine and squeeze them into your breast with enough forces that belittles a vice grip. Your moans make me drive myself deeper into you as I feel my cock start to pulsate in excited pleasure with the nearing orgasm. My balls contract, my cock pulses as you drive down onto me in orgasmic bliss. My mind now lost as the wave of intensity and bliss explodes and I explode deep inside you. Our moans simultaneously fill the room as we fall over the edge and plunge deeper into that blissful state.

Swimming in our worlds you fall onto me and we grab each other. Your skin warm and soft against me, your breasts squash down onto my chest as I pull you onto me tight as we both pulsate in orgasmic rhythm.

Together tight in each other grips we kiss and stare at each other, our orgasmic souls dancing into each as the blissful state courses through our minds, our bodies touching our souls. Our breathing slows but we hold tight not wonting the journey to end.