Written by Eyez

03 Apr 2018

There has been lots of messages , some vanilla some a bit more adult in nature and there was definitely a vibe between them. He'd taken a gamble in instant messaging her one day, not expecting a reply and just assuming that she'd think he was one of the many guys that message and brush him off...but she didn't.. she answered... now what was he going to do or say? But he'd studied her profile and she seemed to be aware of all the bullshit so he was just himself... It worked and she responded!

So the banter went on and they exchanged numbers. At this stage J was a bit unnerved and suspicious that she was just being polite and bored, just chatting with this kinda funny guy but that soon disappeared and they got along great. So the day of the "coffee" meeting arrived and J was filled with excitement and seeing C for the first time was definitely all he'd imagined and more.

There was an immediate attraction and sexual energy was flowing between them. General chit chat followed and was easy flowing as they already seemed to have known each other for a while. J suggested that they take a walk through the mall and he steered C into a big but not very busy clothing store, heading straight for the changing rooms. Being a week day there was nobody around so they both went into the furthest changing room and as soon as the door was closed, they both simultaneously started kissing with the urgency and passion of teenagers. Their tongues exploring each other and hands feeling each other for the first time.

J's cock was rock hard under his jeans and it pressed firmly against C's pussy, her grinding against it and both their breaths growing heavy and urgent. Whilst still exploring their mouths with their tongues ..as if reading each other's minds they each undo the other's trousers and let them fall to the ground. J reaches down and hwntly strokes her pussy on top of her panties which were already becoming wet with her juices. Lightly stroking her pussy for a few minutes he pushes her panties aside and slides two fingers into what is now a dripping wet pussy and pushes the fingers deep inside...curling then up to stroke her pussy wall while the heel of his hand rhythmically and firmly is rubbing her clit.

Both are moaning and breathing fast in each other's ears and J's cock is straining and twitching with desire. C's hands go down as she takes his rock hard cock in her hands and immediately zero's in on the pre-cum that is at the end of his dick and rubs it into the head. Unable to wait any longer she sinks to her knees, desperate to take him into her mouth and she quickly takes his full length, savouring the slight saltiness of the pre-cum and moving down to his balls, carefully taking each one into her mouth.

The big mirror on the wall is reflecting all the action and their eyes meet every now and then as they watch themselves in the mirror. Pulling her up J takes C's now drenched panties completely off and turns her around to face the mirror and bends her over at the waist... hands against the mirror. C knows exactly what is about to happen and is pushing her ass back and up, her swollen pussy poking through and juices starting to dribble down her thighs.

J takes the head of his cock and rubs it up and down her pussy, gliding over her opening teasing her by just putting the tip of his dick inside her. She is now pushing back hard and suddenly J punches his whole length inside her,pulling her hips back hard. He's cock goes right in, his balls flush against her pussy and getting wet.

Holding his cock there for a few seconds they both start to fuck in unison, urgent hard strokes ..careful not to make too much noise anc aware that they can't spend too long, they both savour the moment. C has reached down and is rubbing her clit to maximise her pleasure and J is scooping up her juices to lubricate her bum. With each stroke J is pushing his thumb into her ass, so now C has attention on her pussy, clit and her ass.

As the rhythm intensifies J can feel the cum welling up inside him and he knows exactly where he needs to put what he is certain is going to be a huge load . Using his hands to spread C's ass cheeks apart but knowing what is to come ...she reaches back and holds them apart herself. Making sure there are lots of juices in her bum J takes his soaking cock out of her pussy and pushes it slowly but firmly into her ass.

They both gasp as his cock goes in and he can feel her ass relax and contract against his shaft. Removing one hand C goes back to work on her clit, rubbing hard as J is gliding in and out. She can feel his dick starting to twitch and his hands are tightening on her hips and she knows that any second now she is going to feel his hot cum filling her ass.

Sure enough and with a groan of pleasure J unloads what feels like a massive amount that seems to go on for ever. The cum is forced out of her ass and she van feel of dribbling down to her pussy.

He then pulls out of her, his dick covered in a mixture of cum and her juices and spins her around as she again goes on her knees and sucks every drop out of him and licking his cock clean.

Breathless they straighten up and start to get dressed..both smiling knowingly at each other with satisfaction and the excitement of having just fucked and done anal in a changing room. As they walkboutvof the store and through the mall... they both wonder how amazing the next time will be with more time and space on their hands.

They both know 100% that this is going to be just the first of many experiences to come!!!