Written by artsmart

12 May 2016

Believe it or not, the following is based upon a true story...

Kevin and Heaven were in their early thirties when they met each other. A relationship born in heaven, they found each other incredibly attractive, not only sexually but also mentally. Over the years that ensued after their first meeting, their sex life only got better and better. They were the sort of couple who could share everything with each other. Now, although everything seemed to be hunk dory between them, their relations with friends outside their relationship was not as intimate as they were together. Both took it for granted that the other was their un changing soul mate. That was until they met Harry.

Harry was one of those chaps who skruks vir niks. He was a hell driver on a death mission, a coke head and a card player, a mother fucker and a biker. Harry drove a big Harley Davidson with airbrushed flames on its tank and his personal signature he’d payed 15 grand for to have signed on his bike. The signature read ‘Harry’s Harley’. Harry was no queen when it came to bikes. He’d jump on his bike and start it at the most inconvenient times and fortunately if there was a couple nearby by and the oke had checked him skeef for making a noise or for giving him a skruk, Harry was in good stead to bear down on the fellow and give him the “Wat kyk jy” low down. What followed was Harry’s pure delight. The desire to pulverize the oke in front of his girl. He’d often been met with a reaction from the lady who would tear at him. This act of violence would make him so damn horny that he’d walk away with a bone of note. Apparently he had been accused on occasion for carrying a gun in his pocket, when instead it was his huge wanton chop.

The only ladies Harry could ever get, were sex traders. He’d tried millions of times to get a regular girl but none came his way. They would catch a ride on the back of his bike at bike rallies and he’d pop wheelies and feel them hold on, but as soon as h’s chop began to grow, they got off fast. So Harry never knew for sure why the chicks left him alone. This of course spurred on his devil may care violent character.

Kevin and Heaven were out to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, when they met Harry. Kevin was getting out of his bakkie in the parking lot outside the restaurant where they were meeting friends for their celebration, when he heard the sound of a Harley roll up next to his parked bakkie.

He caught the look on Harry’s face and instantly knew this was one serious mother fucker. Harry, checked Kevin out and thought well look who’s here, some boer seun with his bokkie out for a kuier. “Hey, kak kop, that’s ma parking you took”, “I’d advaaz you to moov quick sticks or I’ll have to tow you out of here wiff your fokken piel as a tow rope!”

Kevin was actually min gepla with this Harry’s kind gesture and simply said that he’d move his bakkie at once. He wasn’t in a position to get freaked out by this psychopath, especially tonight.

Heaven was standing close by, watching the whole gedoente and she was quiet impressed with how hubby had dealt with the situation. As a matter of fact his approach had made her quiet excited and she got quiet horny watching the show unfold.

By the time Kevin met up with her, her panties were getting rather squishy down below. She just wanted to fuck her hubby’s cock right away. Kevin on the other hand had got a bit flustered being concerned for Heavens safety with that fucking psychopath on his Harley. It so happened that while Kevin was parking the bakkie, Harry had just sat there on his bike, picking at his teeth with a tooth pick and squinting out of his riding goggles at the hot bokkie on the sidewalk next to the restaurant. He had done his damage for now and was anticipating his next move. Heaven was standing there feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter, not at all concerned with the biker. All she wanted in that moment was for Kevin to come back so that she could take his cock somewhere. And take his cock she did. They went into the restaurant, greeted their friends and headed straight for the toilets. Once inside Heaven had locked the door and sat on the toilet while Kevin had unzipped his fly and let Heaven take his soft member for a walk. She took his head into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue and it immediately awoke and came to attention. Whereby, Heaven slid his majesty down deep throat and Kevin moved his hips to meet her rocking head. He slowly fucked Heaven’s throat like this until he came and she felt his ejaculating fluids slip down her throat into her stomach. This sensation excited her to the extent that she began finger her already soaked pussy over her skimpy panties. There wasn’t even time to pull them aside. She laid right into her clit stroking and tapping it with her fore and middle fingers until she felt her orgasm come on. This happened after Kevin had shot down her throat and she signalled to him to kneel down and suck her panty covered clit into the final stages of her ecstasy. When they were done, a long awaited Frenchie took place before surreptitiously flushing the toilet and heading back to their friends. It was a great night and the drinks flowed. At a certain point in the conversations one of Heavens friends had spoken how she and her hubby had decided to experiment with partner swapping and how they had hooked up with a stud on a website, met the guy for drinks, liked him and invited him over for an experiment as they put it. This information had shocked both Keven and Heaven somewhat and yet they were curious to hear more. The story continued where the stud had arrived as scheduled late in the evening when the kids were asleep and only her and hubby were relaxing with a glass of wine. She was wearing her dressing gown but had not told hubby about her new lingerie outfit she’d bought that day for this occasion. That was all concealed under her night gown. Hubby was in his usual track suit and trainers. Their stud had come in and plonked down on the sofa and hubby had offered a drink. He wanted to get up for the drink but the stud had insisted he would. They told the guy where it was in the kitchen. When he came back, drink in hand he had his shirt off. He had a fucking hot bod although his belly was on the plump side. This the wife had said, made him all the more sexier, although hubby did not think so. Hubbies abs were all ripped and hard as hell. Stud was obviously softer. Stud had then stood in front of her and begun dancing and motioning a strip. He just went ahead and did it. Took off his trousers then turned and showed her his hairy arse while he bent over and stripped off his rods. She could see his huge bollocks dangling in front of her like a stud bull. The he turned around and gave her his hand. She got up and he took her for a slow dance around the living room, hubby watching on the couch. During the dance, stud bull managed to open her night gown and reveal her little secret to both men. Her erotic sexiness made both of them hard in a moment. Studs cock swelling into a fucking monster and hubby having to contain his laughter mixed with a growing enviousness. His wife was so taken by these two cocks growing in front of her that she reached out and grabbed both of them. They came down on her. Hubby then positioned himself behind her while stud bull slid in under her. They both positioned their erect cocks one at her butt hole and the other on her by now exceptionally horned up pussy. First hubby slipped into her butt then stud rammed her pussy and they fucked a threesome.

This story had met silent disbelief at the table that evening. Back at home that evening Heaven had brought the subject up but Kevin had his doubts. Not wanting to disappoint his horny wife he let on that he was curious about the whole thing around partner swapping. For the first time in their relationship, he had not shared his true feelings around a sexual innuendo. And that was the beginning of something eroding inside himself. He knew that Heaven was hinting at heightening their sexual experience together and yet he could not fully get himself to except it. The very thought was a turn off while for his wife it was a turn on.

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Kevin kept face and played the good hubby. Heaven pushed the concept until finally one evening after a session of heavy petting Kevin had suggested they join that website and do what their friends had done. The suggestion made Heaven wild. She fucked Kevin that night like a porn star. Never had he felt her so wet as after that night. So he knew there was no turning back on this one. He organized everything. It was a gift he said, for her. He even told their friends of their plan and they all four raved on about the benefits while back at the ranch so to speak, deep inside, Kevin had that tinge of insecurity building up. It was easy to deal with, they had said. Calling various relationship situations by names made the whole experience quiet novel. There was ‘hot’ wife, a status that their friends wife was beginning to take on. Then there was cuckolding etc. They love discussing the varied possibilities while the day drew nearer, the day of their first meeting with stud bull. Kevin was beginning to have to use all his will power to deal with his gut feeling about the whole situation. He and Heaven had written out a profile where they had said they were new to the lifestyle but considered themselves open-minded without any hang-ups. Their relationship had its foundations firmly built on rock and that they were doing an experiment to add spice to what they considered to be an already spicy sex life. Everything looked dandy.

When bull eventually made contact it was Kevin who had intercepted him online. Bull had commented on one of Heavens extreme bikini pussy photos she had gladly displayed on the website. Taking photos of his wife had made Kevin excited and they played a sexy game around it. The whole build up was erotic to the hilt but Kevin had to always deal with his nagging mind. The closer they got the more he had to control himself. The more control needed the more he would get irritated at the smallest thing or fly off the handle for no reason, blaming it on his demanding work schedule. Heaven took it all in her stride. She wanted to have what her friend had, to feel a bulls cock pounding her pussy and watch the delight on hubbies face when she had multiple orgasms on bulls cock ride.

Kevin wrote to bull suggesting they meet for drinks first. He found bulls manner quiet forward but downplayed it against his own insecurities which he was beginning to blame himself for. This was not so cool after all. Even the idea of doing it for the wife was getting on his nerves but he felt there was no backing down now so he could only go forward or risk a bad showdown with his wife who believed he was in on the game.

The late afternoon meeting for drinks at a local bar with bull turned out differently to what either anticipated. At the spur of the moment Heavens mother had phoned to ask her daughter to give an elderly friend a quick hand in an emergency. Heaven had left, planning to get back home as soon as possible. Kevin had opted to go and meet their bull.

Kevin got to the bar as planned and ordered a drink while waiting for bull to arrive. You probably guessed it but who should arrive but that fucking psychopath on his Harley. When Harry walked into the bar, Kevin did a double take and almost choked on his whiskey. Jeezus, he thought, hope it’s not him. But it was not him, it was his mate. This was a right fix for Kevin. Hoping Harry would not recognize him he motioned over to the two bikers and made his acquaintance. Harry checked him out with a long up and down look, spat on the ground, turned and draped his huge figure across the bar while he slurped and burped at his Rum and coke.

Bull was not too bad looking. 6 foot as his profile had said, muscular with a pot belly. Kevin was sure his cock would rock his wife. The thought ran a pang of uneasiness through his veins. How would he get hard with this oke off the leash. Only time would tell. His wife’s sexually peaked with bulls cock pounding her but with every pounding his freaky uneasiness grew. He just had to show face and live a false life. That was all. But it ate him.

Hoping that bull would not pick up on his insecurity, Kevin launched into boy talk and the two of them sniggered and snarled together while the drinks flowed. Then it was time for a decision and Kevin, to his dismay, invited the half sozzled bull over to meet Heaven.

Wrong move Kevin. It was downhill from then on. Kevin played his part as smiley cuckold delighted at giving sexy wifey up for fuck meat to horny stud bulls. Heaven went into seventh heaven. Lived almost permanently on cloud nine and developed an addiction for multiple orgasms. Until one day, Kevin through the towel in, got himself a bi-curious lady, fucked her silly and ran away with her to start a new life, leaving Heaven stranded as a single female playing on her own.