05 Jul 2017

It was summer vacation, 2015, and our long time family friends Jane and Michael asked me to look after their house for the week. I needed a holiday and took the opportunity.

Being in Ballito made a world of difference for me being from the big smoke-Joburg.

Well it was perfect, a place by the beach-shops not far away. I settled right in.

My mischievous side was already awakened the first day. Watching TV I was fantasizing in my mind about fucking and girls..

Hmm best I go out to the beach and not waste more of this fine day, I thought. Down by the sea I soaked in the good vibes-always a good meditation. My horniness waned. I enjoyed the seas medicine.

Some girls were about and Ienjoyed the eye candy, and even more so the fresh swim in mama ocean.

Back home I settled into their fine villa and watched Netflix Taboo. I enjoyed masturbating that night in bed imagining a holiday romance...

The next morning I slept in. I awoke though startled-hearing something in the house-panicking, I confronted what I thought was an intruder in the kitchen. Jesus-it was a blonde girl-short and medium bodied, helping herself to something in the fridge. She wasnt alarmed. She smiled and said she just dropped by and knew I was house-sitting. It was Michaels daughter. Weird he didn't tell me about her-I nearly had a heart attack. I felt pleasantly exhilarated but also self conscious-what did I look like? She introduced herself as Sarah and asked if I minded she watch TV. I said "no, not at all".

I excused myself and went back to my room after putting some plain clothes on. I came out and asked her how she was doing? She said "oh fine, just bored and am on holiday. I'm staying at friends and my Dad said you were house-sitting. I just needed to collect some things I forgot. Hope you don't mind me. "

I replied "not at all". I sat and pretended to watch TV. We joked about some of what was showing.

I got talking to her and she was stretching and groaning as if she had just slept grooming herself in her relaxed boxers. So not self conscious-I was taken aback. I asked her what she did for work. She replied she was a babysitter!

Wow I couldn't help notice her naughty smile, long blonde hair in a ponytail and her mischievous laugh. All of a sudden she looked at me and smiling said "do you have a girlfriend"? I said no, not at the mo. I asked her why? She timidly replied "cant a girl ask" with that devilish smile of hers

With a long silence, staring at the TV, she turned her reclined head to me and asked me: "what do you like about sex the most!" Jesus-what a shock.

I said in surprise "what I like about sex-well many things" I asked quite suddenly and surprised myself "Are you experienced"

What happened next is a Godsend. She hopped off the couch she was reclining like a cat on. and jumped on my sofa chair straddling me saying "You want me to show you"

From there We flung into each other kissing and groping.

..scene advance...I am lying on my bed in a teens room with pink walls and shit like that (her sisters she mentioned ). She is on top of me, Fucking me with tight deep thrusts that were so silky, so well fitting, clasping and releasing-each Fuck was a pleasure, her agile young body pushing deep in me, her 20 something physique showing itself in perfect movements. She knew how to fuck all-right. I let her ride me. She said with baited breath, tell me when you are going to come. I want you to come in my mouth. Soon after saying this I felt myself tighten up.

I unwound myself from her and she instinctively went to the ground with her gorgeous green eyes looking up at me as I put my Cock in her mouth. She took me in with her sweet pink lips and closed her eyes sucked me furiously.

I pulled out and jerked myself, she still looking at me. Those eyes waiting beckoning for me .. Behind those flowing bedroom curtains, people played on the beach not too far away, you could hear their laughs and gleeful activity. In here-we were playing to. "She lives on Love Street. Its the Place where the creatures meet -I wonder what they do in there...summer Sunday and the year...... J. Morisson The Doors.