Written by ThatGuy

14 Jul 2016

It was all about me finding the real 'her'. I needed that wife with whom I could be open and yet somewhat expect her to want the things I wanted or them wanting it as a couple. Evenually I found her and we chatted became friends. Husband was keen as us experiencing something different. Looking at her pictures made me realize she had that uniquely tasteful body that men as myself would crave. I enjoyed chatting to her. She has that white pale skin that looked smooth and silky. We decided to meet one night for drinks. They lived far from me but because I craved what I saw online I made every effort to meet them not knowing what to expect. We met at a mall one night. As I drove into the parking bay I had a glance of her in the distance not knowing exactly if it was her though I hoped as it was dark and somewhat cold that night. As I jumped off the car walking towards the entrance realizing that it was them so we greeted and inside of me I had all these wow expressions. We Evenually got to a restaurant and ordered our drinks getting to know each other. About an hour later feeling much more eased with each other I told how beautiful she looked across the table. Unexpectedly she moved over to my side and threw her hands under the table onto my pants over my cock feeling it gentle. I was shy and my dimples were showing. Her husband laughed and asked why was I so tense. I replied by saying she makes me tense cause she is smoking hot. As I said that she put her hands into my pants and rubbed my cock. I could feel her soft hands on my thick vein as my cock grew harder. Fuck now I was horny she looked me in he eye and smiled with that subtle look. I leaned over asking if she was brave enough to suck my cock under the table. She smiled so I expected it not to happen thought she maybe scared and that was a crazy expectation so she continued with those soft white hands rubbing my dark hard cock. My button and belt were open by now and I enjoyed it and chatted to them both but as I spoke to hubby I realised she was not at my side anymore looked below she being under the table pulled out my cock. Her soft lip's taking my dark head unto her mouth. Oh d

Fuck now I was scared and looked around to see who could see us luckily she was good at being discreet and knew how to hide her sexiness under that table. She sucked my cock licking my balls by now my Jean has moved below my balls and she isn't wasting time. Stroking my dick with her soft mouth and hands. Wow the visual of those white hands and her mouth was enough but she was so good and calm I never wanted it to end. My blood was hot all I could think of was her white pink pussycat wrapping around my hard dark cock. I had the courage now to tell her husband that I want to fuck his white wife's pussy. He smiled. She came up from under and sat beside me. I then put my hand into her long skirt touching her pink pussy. She had no underwear on. I put my finger in her hole and then sucked my finger showing her. I followed them back to an apartment. They asked me to sit on the couch. She was in the room while hubby and I chatted. He then asked me to go into a room. As I went in I sat on the bed. She approaching me was wearing a short tight outfit. Little to imagination she came closer as I touched her white legs as she sat on me. Kissing her breasts, feeling her tight white ass over my hard cock. She made me lie down and took off my pants and sucked my cock licking my balls. Her hands were the most sexiest ever I have felt before. She took me all in her mouth my cock feeling her throat. I was so hard and excited that I was scared to cum. I picked her head up and turned her around laying her on the bed. Lifting that tight outfit above her hip and could see that wet pink pussy lip's. I took my hand rubbing gentle over it and touched the opening of her hole. I opened her legs kissing her legs and feet down to her pussy. Her pussycat was tender and soft at my tongue. It was of a taste that I could not describe exactly I kept my tongue sliding on her hole as she moaned slow. Lifting her lip's up I could see how wet she was. I kept one finger inside slowly pulling it out sucking that one spot at which she was

Going insane at. She was tight against my fingers her pussy was wanting to be pleasured more and I was loving just eating her pussy. I put my tongue inside lifting her pussycat lip's to the point to which I felt her juices flow upon my tongue. I licked it more tasting her white pussy cum. I kept at it and did not stop even after she came. She was on fire now and I held my tongue in the hole sucking it in and out and in her legs were around my back and her hand at the back of my head. I had my hands rubbing her nipples and dipping into her mouth as she licked my finger now and then. I went up to her and looked her in her gorgeous eyes and said Mrs H you are so hot. Asking her if she wanted my hard dark cock in her white wet pussy. She took the condom and put it on me. I was face to face with her now and she held my cock rubbing it against her hole and just holding my head into her hole. I kept it there for a while and just moved my dick around the opening of her hole. I could feel that hole gripping my head as I then dipped deeper by now my whole head was in. Just playing in her pussy sucking her white sexy tits. Feeling her body with my hands and looking at her eyes directly as she did the same. I kept taking my cock out as I stroked my head back in only. Then as my hands touched her body passionately I went in deeper and deeper.... oh fuck I was all in Mrs H. She was so soft and wet, how I wished this condom was not on now. I stroked her deep and slow feeling her wetness all over this thick hard dark cock of mine. I asked her if I felt good inside she just mmmmm. I kept myself in her rubbing my cock against her flesh inside. She told me to lay down as she came on top sucking my cock and then placing her pussy to sit on my cock. As she went down on my cock I could only feel all that tight flesh of her separate and hold my hard dark cock. She leaned over as I rubbed her boob's and sucked her nipples. Craving her as she rode me, slapping her white ass . Her husband watched us as this was her first dark cock. She was flat on me and all in her and just her ass lifting so all her tightness was against my hard darkness. Her sweat taste like honey I licked her neck holding her ass cheek as she stroked me and just then she held my head and moans as she found her spot against my cock and kept it rubbing my hardness until she creamed her pussycat in my cock. Fuck was all I thought this stupid condom has all the cream... I took her and layed her down lifting her legs and sucking her feet as I got back inside her. Her legs were on either side of my shoulder all I could see was my dark cock in and out that white pussy. She said fuck me thatguy. Mr C said yes please do. Hearing her say that made me feel like I was a horse running the Rothmans July. My mode changed instantly as I held her knees to her tummy. Fucking her white hole hard and deep now as she breathed and moan 'oh yes'. I was so hot and could not hold myself with all that excitement honestly I pulled out as she stroked all my cum on her boobs. I just layed there smiling.


Round 2 was when hubby and I was together with her and round 3.

That's not for public sharing so mind your own fucking business.

The beginning of Thatwife ....