Written by That Guy

15 Mar 2016

So after our first meeting we soon became friends. The husband was friendly and good company whenever we met thereafter.

So this Friday night I was tired and just got back from gym. My muscles were tight. So I just played on the couch watching television. Then as I layed on the couch I was chatting to the husband who was away on work for the weekend. Anyway he then said how he wished he were home cause he was just so horny. So I told him I was relaxing and I hoped to have a sexy night but since he is away I can't meet the couple.

He then asked me if I could fuck his wife tonight would I? I said I wished since he not with her and they don't play alone. After a few minutes he asked if I could go to his house and just let him know when I am at the gate. Anyway I pull up to the gate and did as he asked. The gate opened and the garage door that led to the house. So as I approached the garage I saw the Mrs standing inside the garage. So anyway since we played a few times at their home I knew my way around. Mrs asked me to come in slowly as the kids were asleep. So I gradually walk silently towards their bedroom. This must have been about 10 pm. As I approached the room door she stood behind it to lock as soon as I was in. The computer was on and her Mr was on skype. So I greeted him as the Mrs sat next to me. She wore a silky white satin nighties. Her heels was on also. He asked me to please show him how I'd like to touch his wife. Damn instantly I was hard. So I started touching her face and kissing her. He asked me to move the camera back so that he could have a full view of us on the bed. So I opened my clothes with just my jockey on. We rubbed against each other and touched each others body soft and gently. As I kissed her she had her hand in my jockey stroking my cock. I started rubbing her clit with my fingers gently fingering her under those nighties. I got down lifting her feet up and licking it all the way down until I got to her wet cunt. I licked it slow and showing the husband her wet lips open and my tongue in it. He was naked and hard on that end. I licked her for about maybe 30 mins and tasted her cum thrice. She was juicy and wet my fingers kept sliding. She asked me to lay down and she started kissing my body going down to my hard dark cock. Taking me all in her mouth. Licking my balls while stroking my cock. I was rock hard and over 19cm by then. I lifted her head and picked her ass forward above my cock. I held her ass cheeks and in direct view of the can she held my cock in place to dip the tip of her pussy until I slid right in. She sat and rubbed her pussy around my cock while inside her. She just kept jerk her ass little up and down. I could feel that pussy grip my cock veins. Her lips gripped tight against my cock now as she dipped it low and picked it up slow. We did this for a few minutes and I turned her over while inside. I was sucking her feet now and stroking her wet pussy slow. All her cum was on my condom white juicy cum. I started hitting her hard now and deep. She moaned and her husband called out cum closer I want a close up of that cock in her hole. I pulled her back and felt my dick deep in her touching like a pussy tongue deep in her. I was hard on her now. She bend over I kept slapping her ass and fucking her from behind pulling her hair and calling her a sexy wife. She aware and asked me to fuck her hard now cause she wants her husband to know how horny she was tonight. I was so horny i just asked her to dip her ass out more so I can go deeper from behind as she did. Eventually she turned around and sucked my cock until I came all inside her mouth. She showed hubby every drop in her mouth and squeezed what was still in the pipe all out.

We settled and skyped a few hours more. I then decided to leave around 3 am. So the video call was disconnected and we walked to the garage as she saw me out. Her car was in the garage. As we walked towards the exit of the garage I grabbed her legs and picked her to her car bonnet dropping my pants and putting my hard cock in her pussy under those nighties and kissed and fucked hard for about 10 mins Cummings on her nighties. Then kissed her goodbye as she closed the garage.