24 Dec 2017

Christmas Eve a time for looking into oneself and looking out and reaching others .

I am a thinker and analyse every word and action to my detriment at times .

In other words you could add I am judgmental .

Don't get me wrong I am not looking down on anyone and their activities .

I do have rules I like to stick to and not condemning others for theirs .

I am complicated I post pics and I must admit sexy and hot ,but that is not the issue.

I know the men browse them and its their comments and likes that give me that opinion.

You all have heard this many times,dont judge a book by its cover.because I am liberal adding pictures

the story is saying to you come get me .Well maybe true but I do have a profile which it makes clear about my likes .

Married men please dont pursue me I wont be instrumental in betraying another persons vows .

Ok you say its your choice, your wife lets you,your wife isn't interested in sex and so on .

My choice Single

I am a cougar not a swinger I love young men and can say many love my title .

my preference is single young white males . I have upped the age after meeting a 53 yo..

I learnt a lot of wisdom from him .

So I am on here knowing men want sex thats clear .So do I But then again I am a real pain ,that actually I give myself a bigger pain in my decisions .

Guys dont get upset with me and my choices .these are guidelines to keep me sane. If thats possible

I have met wonderful men and chat to many and deny lots as well .

So this is the season to be merry .A holy season for me and others .Hypocrite you think, seems so but its my guiding star a s well.Happy Christmas . MAD IRISH GIRL .