Written by Sexy Brown Eyes

18 Jun 2014

You pick me up for our sneaky weekend away just the two of us, its finally here my Liefling the time we have been craving , for so long to be alone at last. ... as we drive down to the coast my hair blowing in the wind,i take a glimpse of your brown hazel eyes. I look at you with so much desire in my eyes ....finally you are going to be all mine for the whole weekend. I have a short sun dress on my long tanned legs teasing you as I stretch ,now and then picking them up placing my feet on the dashboard. Every time I do that I expose my tights as my dress move up. I can see you looking. ..I love teasing you acting as if I am so innocently moving around..you haven't seen me for a while was on a course for work ,so the electricity and anticipation between us have been building and growing trough texting.without you expecting anything i quickly move closer,suddenly putting my head on your chest, i can hear your heart racing a sign that that i excite you and that drives me wild. ...I move my head to your shoulder lifting up your sleeve I just barely rub my lips against your shoulder my hand grabing your chest while slowly planting kisses on a pathway to your neck. You exhale, and look at me, not a word your eyes begging me to continue.i kiss your neck an ears and stroke your inner thigh careful not to touch your growing bulge as I want you to beg me to go down there.i unbutton your shirt. Your nipples are hard I suck and play with my tongue , bitting them now and then......

You can barely drive, as by now my fingers and soft lips and kisses are moving down wards.i want to give you so much pleasure a memory burned into you.i unbutton your denim, grabbing the zipper with my mouth unzipping you.oh so kinky you did not expect that.i smile at you bitting your nipple again. You smile back at me . saying"oh my sexy bitch, you are so naughty".i reply with a grin in my eyes you no me too well, my sexyness, cant wait to suck you and give you pleasure " i start playing with your b... dragging them downwards as i stroke your c....The view you have are so visually stumilating, as i tied my hair in a ponytail, licking his head playing taking my time. I take you deep into my mouth and sucking you hard like you now I can, and want to, playing with your b....oh you enjoy, moan as you love every moment stop taking my finger slipping it into my oh so wet ..... bringing the sweetness to your mouth to taste.you cannot take it anymore you quickly turn of the road stopping I pull up my dress to reveal I have no panties on...mmm was I planning this you pull me on top of you grabbing my ass pushing me down on you Oh my Goodness it send us both into a place of pure pleasure, we don't even care that someone can see us, even the comfortable car seat can't deprive us of having what we want, fine line between pain an pleasure. ....I hoist myself slowly up an down on you, your head back looking at me with eyes flaming with this message oh woman you drive me wild..

You looked in my eyes and what you saw was intensity on my face it was wild raw passion.you grabbed me again as I kissed you and we became one.both moving like the wild animals we know we've become, but also slow an sexy controlled at moments.the moans and pantzing noices I make further intensifies the urge for you to please me...you quided my hips and O it amazed me how in sync we can be.you inside me and the intimacy we have, looking into my eyes our lips an tongue entwined.our bodies explode with ripples such pleasure an beauty juices flowing between our legs. A visual expression of our passion.....We stay locked together we holding onto each other as we take in everything.....my face in your neck as we slowly become more aware of ourselves. I look up to your face and see you blushing. I kiss your lips forehead an eyes and nose . No words needed. ....now we can continue our drive to the hotel my hand on your leg my head on your shoulder I am so contempt my Liefling. ..... .....will continue