Written by hornyjoe

25 Aug 2013

About a week ago my husband took me for breakfast at a small restaurant in Brooklyn, Pretoria. During our breakfast I noticed a few teenage students sitting about two tables across from us. They were having a great time chatting and laughing while everybody was enjoying their meals. I saw them occasionally looking at us but ignored it, thinking why would these young 20 year old studs look at a 40+ year old couple. Sometime later, I had to visit the Ladies and passed their table. They all looked up and just smiled at me. When I returned my husband told me that the two guys on their left were staring at my ass when I passed them. Suddenly my husband leaned over and whispered in my ear if I had any panties on. I said “no”, thinking that it could be the reason why they were staring at me. He slowly moved closer to me and whispered again. “Open your legs a little”. Confused I looked at him not knowing what he wanted me to do. I could see in his face, he wanted to be naughty again and slowly opened my legs.

I immediately saw the young guy starting to look in our direction. Suddenly I realized what my husband was trying to do. The chatting at the table across from us where getting quieter and quieter. I was now starting to move my legs faster open and close, pretending not to notice that they could see up my skirt. It was not long thereafter, I could see the one guy adjusting his pants and moving his hand to his crotch under the table. The other guys where moving a bit uncomfortable in their seats, trying not to be obvious in their actions. They were now looking directly up my skirt and could see my clean shaven pussy clearly. I didn’t want to make any eye contact but just knowing strange guys are looking between my legs made me very horny and instantly wet. I could feel my nipples were getting erected under the thin fabric made me even more excited. I could see my husband’s face, he was also enjoying every minute of this. If we were not in a restaurant I would have taken him right there.

After a while my husband excused himself and went to the Gents. On his way back he indicated to the waiter to bring our bill. He kept looking in my direction and smiled. Once the waiter went to get the bill he walked slowly to our table showing me that I’m doing great. I made eye contact with them and saw they all had massive hard-on’s that they were trying to hide. I smiled at them and crossed my legs. We paid our bill and before we left, I decided to give them a last peek at my bare pussy by opening my legs wide apart to pick up my handbag from the floor. You could have seen how they nearly fell from their chairs.

On our way back from Pretoria my husband and I fucked at the first gas station on our way out of Pretoria. This was so exciting. I would easily do it again.