07 May 2016

She felt a strange sense of apprehension as she stood in the foyer of the hotel. Excitement tinged with a slight sense of nervousness filled her less than purposeful stride as entered the lift and ascended to the 15th floor. She had felt a little uncertain about meeting this man who she had previously only formed a phone connection with, but it had always been pleasure oriented and she had never felt threatened in any way. If anything the anonymity held a certain fascination and allure. She had always been in control so this was to a large extent unchartered territory. But she felt more than comfortable about her chosen attire and her grooming. A light cotton blouse clung to her more than ample breasts, her nipples beginning to reveal her growing sense of anticipation. Her slim waist and curvaceous thighs were accentuated by the pencil skirt, her shapely legs gloriously exposed on the slim pointed black stiletto heels.

Reaching 1501 she straightened her blouse and ran her painted nails through the fringe hanging seductively over her left eye. On hearing his invitation she opened the heavy door and entered. The bright light almost blinded her and she stood, mesmerized by this totally invasive illumination. As the initial shock wore off she could make out his vague outline standing immediately behind the powerful beam.

‘Put you bag down on the table’ his deep seductive voice commanded and as she did his bidding he continued, his voice filled with tension and desire. ‘Now I want you to pick up that eye mask and put it on’

He paused as she slowly lifted the mask and placed it over her eyes, something she had done to so many of her willing serfs. As her hands fell back to her now trembling thighs he continued, ‘Now I want you to take off your clothes, very slowly, let me devour each and every part of your delicious body’

As she slowly and deliberately unbuttoned her blouse she became acutely aware of her own breathing, she could almost hear her heart as it responded to her rising passions. Reaching the last button she slid her hand sensuously over her slender shoulder allowing the soft silkiness to slide over her naked flesh. She felt a tingling sensation as her nipples hardened, thrusting against the satin embrace of her seductive bra. Turning her back almost coyly, she undid the clasp and felt her breasts respond to the freedom and tension in the room.

As she writhed out of her favorite black lace panties she felt the last vestige of restraint and inhibition flow from her. ’Now I want you to lie down on the bed’ he breathed and she sank onto the cool crisp sheets. His first touch was unexpected and electric, his hand was large warm and firm as he drew her hand towards the light. The next sensation was soft and silky as he bound her wrist to the corner of the posted bed, then the other was sensuously restrained. As she sensed his next move she experienced her first moment of slight discomfort as he slowly, caressingly positioned her well shaped calf towards the base corner. Then with consummate skill he had spread her thighs exposing her warm moistness. She began to squirm a little, gently thrusting her rounded hips towards an imaginary lover. It seemed like an age before she felt him again, his strong hands guiding a flow of warm oil over her tingling toes. The smooth caress was echoed by his honeyed voice

‘Close your mind to everything but the presence of my touch,

Lose your body and mind in the pure essence of being pleasured’

Then she felt his insistent tongue probing between her toes, gently sucking on each one in turn. The heat rose up through her thighs bringing a few throaty gasps from her hungry gaping, silent, breathless mouth. The bed gave as his weight shifted to the inviting triangle between her now quivering legs. She wanted to scream out, wanted to fill her hands with his hair and force his mouth, his fingers, anything she could grab and feed her salivating pussy. Her desire was intense, such incredible feelings and carnal cravings were unlike anything she had experienced. She was used to giving pleasure, being able to control someone else’s pleasure, eventually taking her pleasure when she wanted and how she wanted it.

Now all she could do was obey his almost hypnotic mantra,

’lose yourself in the sound of my voice and the pleasure of your body’.

She felt her moistness flowing down her thighs providing a trail of honey which he began to lick and consume as he slowly, inexorably teased and sucked his way to her very essence. Her mind began to reel, spiral into an eternal abyss of hedonism, her thighs rose to meet this tireless tongue that seemed intent on remaining elusively distant from her growing, throbbing clitoris. Then she felt another sensation,

a warm breath traced the outline of her heaving breast, another equally ardent tongue licked, sucked and gently nibbled on her proud hardened nipples.Her mind reeled, who was this new indulgent, where had he been, How many more lurked in the shadows? The thought excited rather than scared her as she reveled in the prospect of an audience of possible potential participants.

She returned to the immediacy of this new practiced mouth and tongue as it teased and massaged her responsive breasts moving up to her open mouth, fusing with her wild tongue. As she tasted the sweetness of his manliness her loins tensed for another invasion.

His tongue found her now engorged clitoris, drenched in the juices of her desire. He caressed and gently nibbled its ever increasing size as her blood rushed to feed this sexual indulgence.

The tongue in her mouth continued to explore her innermost tastes as her clitoris and outer lips too were being kissed and sucked with an incredible fervor and intensity. Then just as she started to climax his hands slid underneath her tense buttocks and in one swift movement lifted her sweating hips from the clammy embrace of the bed and pushed a downy pillow underneath her, opening and preparing her for his final onslaught. The hard soft roundness of his throbbing cock slid slowly and rhythmically up and down her totally wet and ready pussy.

Then his thick shaft began to penetrate her, slowly at first then growing in depth and hardness he began to fuck her.

She struggled against her bonds, the silky bonds biting painfully into her wanton flesh. His cock continued to thrust inside her until she could feel the rising tide of her orgasm filling her senses. She was also aware of his growing passion and within moments he filled her with his hot stream. The room was filled with the scent of their fusion but before she could drift into the realms of her post orgasmic glow she felt a new intruder forcing his cock into her juicy wet pussy, she felt a new surge of desire building within her. This new harder cock filled her to the point where pleasure and pain were indivisible and coupled with a greater sense of urgency and an almost animalistic ritual she begged him to fuck her, fuck her deeper and harder, fuck her until she could no longer feel anything, til her every desire was satiated. He was like a man possessed as he rode her, meeting her hungry hips with forceful thrusts that knew no restraint. She felt his muscular loins sliding heavily between her sweaty thighs, his hairy chest coursing over her erect nipples, as he forced himself deeper inside her, his pubic bone grinding her engorged and swollen clitoris. She cried out as she felt his fingers digging into her, first her streaming raised arse then pushed deep inside her as she felt her final surge of orgasms. They came in huge tides that crashed through her drenched body, cascading through her captured, tortured body.

Then after the flood, the serene gentleness as they released her from captivity and bathed her with warm soft soapy sponges, kissing her bruised lips, ankles and wrists as they paid homage to her beauty and pleasure. She lay, still unashamedly naked and contented, considering the total consummate invasion and passion that had engulfed and carried her to such incredible pleasures.Such a feeling of being totally indulged, not having to do or say anything other than to voice her complete satisfaction.