Written by trevorpillay

22 May 2013

This is my first time to write a story this is a true one,it was a friday afternoon and my kids was at in laws for weekend and my wife and i was planning a private weekend of sex for ourselves,every nook and cranny of our house we was going to do it,until i answered my cell it was a old tenant of mine he wanted to know if i could assist his daughter who was stuck with her car on the n3 near to my house, was already hard as my wife was telling me about her fantasy about being with another women.

anyway i went toolbox in hand to this car,firstly i.m 38 my wife 33 shes a bbw,i.m ahtletic,and horny as hell,when i get i was shocked i see this 19year old darkskinned beauty(loshini) all scarced and panicking , only to find that the car has a blowen engine,so i towed it back home to see a upset looking wife,but being hospitable we entertained her and assumed her daddy would come to her rescue.

but to our shock her father said monday he,ll be there, i saw the LOOK from my wife not good look of you dead,anyway came nightfall she went to bed ,so i tried to smooth things over put a blue movie on in silent got 2 glass wine in my boxers waited for wife to get out of shower,then i hear laughing in the bedroom, i went to investigate and see this girl (LORSHINI) sipping a beer and chatting on my bed,and my wife nude applying lotion to herself,instantly rockhard thoughts of note when through my preverted mind 19 and tits ass pussy ,i,d died and this was haven,my wife asked why i.m in my shorts and should lock up and get to bed with the bottle of brandy and coke 3 cups. Heven is a place on earth