14 Dec 2017

Things wher not going well for me lost my job had to move in with my brother, he is single and drinks alot on weekends one Saturday night he came home around midnight wit his girlfriend he woke me up saying they wher hungry so he needed food, we wher sleeping in one room but had 2 beds.

So I got up warmed food fo them I was in my boxer shorts the lady was short and thick not fat she asked what I had prepared I told her rice and chicken al king, we jus had a chit chat as I served them food they ate and my brother fell asleep on the couch they wher sitting on I was in my bed. She told me she wanted to sleep but my brother was now sleeping on the couch I showed her the other bed and the loo gave her a tshirt to sleep in, she went to the loo I tried waking my brother but knew wasn't going to wake up if his drunk his a problem. Then I switched off the light so tht my brothers girlfriend won't c me wen she comes in nothing but a tshirt, she came in and went to the other bed we said our good night's and I went back to sleep 40mins o so later I guess she woke up to go to the loo and wen she came back came to my bed cause wen I turned I felt some1 there now thoughts ran through my mind I put a hand on her she neva moved then I made a bold move and pulled her closer she followed suit and wen I touched her breasts in the tshirt she jus let me I move to touch her pussy she had no panties on I played wit her clit and she moved and found my dick I was fingerings her as she was wanking me, she moved down and put my dick in her mouth and sucked it nice and slow she went on sucked my balls and tht jus drives me crazy the painful but nice feeling this lady was sucking and then I felt her finger on my asshole I froze but she knew her way coz she moved and licked my asshole tht made me feel lyk heaven while licking it and pushing her small finger jus I tip in then out, that was new to me but I loved it. She came on top and put my dick straight wit her pussy and played wit her pussy lips wit my dick I touched it it was all wet and ready. Now I was afraid to tell her to wait I get a condom, then she whispered in my ear do u have a condom I pulled one frm under the bed and rolled it on she rode me slowly letting it in and then rested once it was all in she moved nice and slow but wit my 8inch dick all in her she moved fast then we fucked in rythm I turned her over and fucked her doggy while at it I lubed my hand wit her juices and then fingered her asshole while adding saliva also feeling my dick in her pussy wit my finger in her ass jus drove me crazy and when I put 2 fingers she orgasmed that moment and had to bite the pillow not to make noise her body was shaking crazy.

I removed my dick frm her pussy and aimed in her asshole nice and slow she opened her bums so I enter easily once I was in I stopped for a minute so she adjusts to my size then she started moving into me, I fucked her hard while rubbing her clit in a few minutes I was Cumming in her tyt ass she was pushing me deep in her.

As my dick went soft it came out and I jus collapsed next to her, she removed the condom and sucked my dick clean and it was getting hard again.

I checked on my brother he was fast asleep.