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Saturday morning 6 May


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It is Saturday morning and I got up to open the gate for our gardener. A big burly Zimbabwean guy. Hubby was not feeling well so I opened up and whilst I was up and making coffee also prepared breakfast for the gardener. I sleep nude so all I had on was my winter gown as it is May and the Highveld quite chilly in the mornings. I called him to the kitchen and took his coffee in one hand and food in the other and walked over to hand it to him. At that moment my gown fell open. I could do nothing to cover up and had nowhere to put the food. He was standing in front of me, frozen. Not taking the food or coffee just looking. All in all probably just 10 or 15 seconds but it felt like an hour. After telling him to take his food for a second time he only started to move. Slowly taking it but his eyes playing between my naked exposed breasts and pussy. I covered up and closed the door. Stood there almost breathless. My nipples were so stiff it almost hurt. I attributed that to the cold....but then I realised the damp between my thighs....what do I attribute that to??

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