29 Oct 2018

Sondag oggend en dinge is bietjie stram in die huis. Daar is baie te doen en min tyd om dit te doen. Argumente is aan die orde van die dag. Frustrasies loop hoog.

Ek het geen planne as om agterstallige werk in te haal nie. Maar die situasie raak onuithoudbaar. Ek besluit laat ek gou kyk wat op SH aangaan. Dis altyd lekker in die chatrooms dalk kan my gemoed lig.

Ek log onto the site. One message in my inboks vandat ek 10 minute gelede op was.


First instinct says no fucking way. Not interested, 12yrs my junior. I dont do them young.

Then from inside l hear a rant and without thinking. I replied and said yes it would be nice. Where are you and how long will it take you to get here. He says a few minutes. I had a quick shower got dressed and walked out the house. We exchanged nrs, send him a pin location. Didn't take him long to get to me. He stopped, l got in and said "drive get me out of here" We 9didn't introduce ourselves properly. Just left. On the way we decided where we would go.

We stopped at the shop, picked up a few much needed items for the trip. While in the shop l got a chance to have a good look at him. Fit as fuck. All inhibitions out the windows at that stage. Couldn't keep my eyes of him. Paid for the stuff and drove to our destination. When we got there it were taken over by loads of people so we just drove pass it further into the mountain.

We stopped, he got out and fed his dirty habit of smoking. One other thing l dislike in men.

I sat on the backseat of the car, called him closer. Gave him a look and he looked so shy but cute. I undid his pants and within seconds l had his cock in my mouth. He enjoyed it and instantly grew. I were pleasantly surprised cause it didn't look as macnificent as it does fully erected. I could see and feel with his body language he enjoyed the attention his cock is getting.

Not sure if l enjoyed it more than him though.

I got up and kissed him and couldn't believe it that it didn't taste like tobacco. He pushed me back on the seat saying "my turn now"

He lowered his head between my thights and could feel his warm lips on my pussy. Needless to say l were soaking wet. He saw it and the sparkle in his eyes told me he liked it. Him eating me and staring at me with those puppy dog eyes pushed me to my limits. I looked at him, said "fuck me" l could see he's all for it and entered me with his manhood. With me being a bit tight, it hurt for just a split second. But it felt good when he entered me. He kissed me passionately while he were inside me. I felt amazing. I didn't think about age or anything else at that stage. I just wanted to fuck my frustraitions away. Yes a nice way to get rid of your frustrations. Next thing we are both naked in the middle of the woods on top of the mountain.

He managed to make me squirt and l must admit not everyone knows how to do that.

So he earned some browny points. We fucked a few times in different positions and everytime it were amazing.

I laid on my tummy on his backseat butt naked and he said he like the sight of it. I smiled and l knew we are about to do it again.............

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