Written by MG_

19 Feb 2018

I buckle the leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles, reassuring her with gentle touch and ease her onto her back across the bed. I slide her skirt off her hips, down her shapely legs and beyond her feet, now even more excited by the fact that she arrived without panties. Her beautiful flower is in full bloom, glistening with desire. Her clit is peeping at me. Even the insides of her thighs are wet. I want to taste her so badly but know I must hold back and tease her more. “You are a Goddess” I say, “Prepare to be adored”. Blindfolded, all she hears are my steps as I walk around the bed, lean over and kiss her mouth. As I end the kiss she lifts her head in an attempt to make me linger, but I have other plans now.

Prepared with four lengths of silk sash rope and some skill at this, I soon have her wrists and ankles secured to each corner of the bed, tugged just tight enough for her to know she is at my mercy. We won’t need a safe word, though. This is not that kind of play. I trace her gorgeous shape with my fingers, soft enough to be sensual, but firmly enough not to tickle. Her mouth is open, her head is back, a delightful whisper of a moan is on her breath. I brush my hands over her breasts, her nipples bouncing up between each spread finger as they pass over. I caress, kiss and lick her everywhere except where she is aching most. “You’re trying to kill me aren’t you?” she jests. Her voice is like silk to my ears. I smile and succumb to a sly giggle.

To be continued in PART 4