Written by MG_

13 Feb 2018

The moment I close the door I can see the uncertainty in her eyes. I lift my hand to touch her face and draw her towards me for what becomes a surprisingly tender kiss. I tell her how beautiful she looks. It’s not a lie. We kiss again, but this time it’s different, as if her mind has shifted a gear and she’s determined to see this through. She thrusts herself against me and I feel my cock respond at the thought of ravishing this gorgeous woman, but I remind myself to control the situation and give her what she has really come for. I sit her down on the side of the bed and blindfold her. Her breathing quickens. “I take it you have told someone you trust, where you are and with whom”, I ask. “No. I don’t have anyone I can trust with this” she responds. In that moment we both realize just how vulnerable she is.

I kiss her shoulder lightly, then her neck. I can tell that she likes it from the sigh whispered on her breath. I run my fingers slowly from her shoulders, down her arms, over her hands, to her finger tips. With the sense of sight removed, the aim is to get every nerve end on every inch of her body, on heightened edge. She reaches out to me but I negate her by lifting her strappy blouse over head to reveal her small, delicate breasts, cupped in a lacy blue bra. She is stunning. I have the advantage of re-organising the awkward bulge in my jeans without her knowing. I unclasp her and surprise her by taking her nipple straight into my mouth. It’s already so hard, so keen, so ready. I want more, so does she...

To be continued in PART 3