Written by MG_

09 Feb 2018

I am joking in the chat pool about having a dungeon at home and cyber teasing one of the ladies with imaginary rope and a blindfold, when a whisper lights up from one of the ladies who has clearly been watching the conversation from a distance. “I have always wanted to try something like that” she says to me. “I have always been too scared to try, but it does intrigue me”. We start to talk about the trust required and the differences between hardcore BDSM and the sensual soft bondage I was alluding to in pool chat. For the first time we get to know more about each other on a deeper level. I don’t pursue the subject with her for a week or more until I get another surprise whisper. After some pleasantries she surprises me with the words “I want YOU to give me that experience”.

I feel my heart race. I gulp. She is gorgeous and I never even imagined being in any way the target of her interest, considering our differing profiles, age preference etc. I gather myself and ask her whether she would like me to set it up. “Yes, I really would. I just somehow know that I can trust you and this is something I really want to do”. We make the arrangements and the day arrives.

To be continued in PART 2