Written by Eyezwideshut

25 Aug 2016

I get really into it and start rocking my hips , pushing my fingers in deeper inside of my oh soo wet and throbbing pussy. I tell you,"Look down...look at my pussy " You obey turning your head so you can watch. As you move your hair brushes against my nipples. I moan involuntarily. ...You can smell my wetness. I whisper to you,"watch bitch.." and start rubbing my clit.....you see my finger tracing the clit,around and around...rubbing left then right. My fingers are sooo soaked with my juices ......I raise it to my lips and give my fingers a suck....oooo wouldn't you like it if it were your cock instead. Up and down, slowly, my tongue licking up every last drop....I kiss you then, hard ...you can taste me , my pussy you are wanting so desperately.

I return my finger back to my clit, but move it even lower until my finger is at my hole. You watch as my finger slowly enters until it's fully inside me.....I moan a little...I raise myself a bit , letting my finger slide out...then quickly plunge down and impale myself once again with my finger.....oooo that feels sooo good. You see it all and can feel it with your cock . Up and down I fuck myself over and over again. I'm panting.... I cant wait any longer ..... I grab your cock and shove it inside me. I pump myself up and down your cock...I squeeze your cock inside me...im so wet and hot. I bounce on your lap...up and down. ..I can feel myself getting tighter and tighter. By now im wild fucking you like an animal...rubbing against your chest...pushing down as deep as I can......taking your cock deep inside me. My head fall back as I feel myself getting closer and closer....we both cum hard .....feeling your hot warm load shoot inside my pussy is heaven. I look at you with a devilish grin. ....The night is still young I purr ☺.

I lead you to the bedroom and lay on my stomach. .my back towards you and spread my legs so that they are on either side of your hips. You slide up until your cock is almost between my ass cheecks. You still there jerk in off.....and when you cum it runs down my pussy. I still am on my stomach and slide into doggy position. You slide your cock in my pussy and pound me good.....smearing your load around my ass. I cum again and this makes you cum...my pussy clasping your cock . Your load hits me hard . You stay there a bit....cock in my pussy . Finally you pull out and I turn around ....get on my knees and start licking you clean . We both are exhausted but satisfied .....