Written by Zalvation

24 Aug 2017

Whe you are a girl who enjoys the plesure in life , and no i dont mean the fine perfumes and the spa days . I am refering to the joys of sucking a hard dick wanting the cum in youre mouth the taste simply define . The way you feel youre pussy walls clech around and creaming and ending in gushes or squirt. Being that kind of girl gets you into trouble. Sitting in his office chair waiting for him to get out of a meeting so yes there i was on a big black comfy leather office chair wearing a summer dress light blue with pumps . Closing my eyes rocking back and forth on the chair my hand starts to travel up my inner thigh biting on my lip feeling how my finger tips brushed crossed my silk gstring exhaling slowly. Suddenly feeling a hand around my neck and lips against my ear. (Are you wet for me little one.....,). My heart skipped a beat as he twirl the chair around and im facing the view from the 20th floor . I kept still not moving only hearing the door being locked and footsteps coming closer again the cling from his ring against the belt buckle making my breathing quicken. Slowly his hand brushed into my soft hair before griping it jerking it back and a hand slide around my neck followed with a kiss. Looking up at him biting my lip he pulls me up making me stand up feeling his hands wonder over me his touch made my skin tingle with excitement . He grins before pushing me against the glass window and feeling my gstring pulled aside as he slams into me. I was gasping as my pussy lips stretched around his dick feeling his grip on my hair he begins slamming harder feeling the wetness on my leg running down a studder of f,,-,f-,fffuck escaped my mouth his hand slides onto my clit and he asks (want me to stop little one ) shaking head no no please dont stop sir once again he replied with (beg for it be a good little slut beg for me not to stop ,) i couldnt help but begging please sir p-p-p-lease , dont , stop with out noticing my legs quiver. My body was shaking feeling him deep in me (cum for me little one ) with oermission my body gave in and hardest moan escaped my mouth as my soaked pussy gushed on his dick . Legs stil shaking feeling how his hot juicy cum filled me deep inside me . ( hold stil when i say push you push ,) noding holding stil as he slid out of me following. With a string of wetness hearing the click of his phone arches my back giving him a good view of my opened cum filled pussy (push now little one ) i pushed and feel how the cum driped out of me and a spank against my ass . Smiling as he keeps taking pictures with a simple (there we go good girl now go clean up and lets go home ). I did as told and went to clean myself that was just one expierance of many more