Written by Tonguemansa

31 Jul 2013

We drove to the park in silence. I glanced at her in the seat next to me and under her blue little sundress I thought I caught a glimpse of some white.

"What are you wearing?" I asked, trying to keep disappointment out of my voice.

"What? You mean my sundress? You don't like it?"

"You know exactly what I mean. Take them off."

She blushed a little but lifted her ass off the seat and reached beneath her dress. I caught a glimpse of beautiful skin higher up her thighs before I almost drove off the road. When I glanced over again I saw that she had paused to let me watch.

"Damn, what a hot cunt."

She smiled and slowly slid the panties off her mound and down her legs. When she lifted her right leg she flashed me and I saw her cute pussy open up a little. Then she folded her dress back over her legs and threw her panties in the back seat.

"I was having lunch with my mother," she said. "Did you want me to flash her?"

"No..." though her mother was pretty hot. "But you might have gotten better service."

She giggled and looked out the window. I couldn't tell what she was thinking, of course, but I noticed a hand idly rubbing her leg, right at the bottom of the skirt.

"Have you thought any more about what we talked about?" She glanced over at me, blushing again. I saw she must have.

"Yes, I did. I read the story you wrote and, thought about how it would be." She giggled.

"You mean you read it and played with yourself?"

She didn't answer just looked down at the floor of the car.

"I'm going to make you show me later, when we find a spot."

"You are so evil," she said but she squirmed a little on the seat. "How long?"

"Hmm?" I asked. I knew what she meant but I wanted to hear her ask it.

"We're almost there."

"No, I mean how long do I have to wait. When is she coming to visit?" How long does she have to wait?"

Whoa, this was a new development. I didn't think she would like the idea quite this much. As if her taking off her panties wasn't bad enough, I was rock hard now. I had to shift myself to ease the pain.

"She'll be here in a week. You know that."

"I know, I just wanted to get you hot."

I found a nice little picnic spot and stopped the car and we got out. We were sitting in the shade on top of a picnic table, just a bounce away from two hot blondes sunning themselves with little bikinis on the grass. Out of the corner of my eye I caught Charmaine stealing glances at them. That story must have really hit home, I thought. I've only been with her for about a month but already I could pick up minute signs of her arousal: constant playing with her clothes, fixing and straightening, the typical hair adjusting, the light dancing in her eyes when I caught her looking.

Of course there was also the fact that she placed her hand on my knee when one of the girls turned over, showing a beautiful sculpted ass. I responded by moving her hand closer to my still rock-hard cock. She gasped when she felt it. "Because of them?" she asked.

"I haven't even noticed them," I responded.

"But you have." She smiled and pressed me.

God, it felt great. Waves of pleasure emanated from where she was caressing me, really jerking me off through my pants. She looked around quickly and then slid a hand coyly up the inside of her skirt. I almost lost it and had to take her hand away. She pouted. I pulled her off the table and she was going to sit down on the bench but I pusher her down more. She slid under the table and smiled up at me.

"Take off your skirt," I hissed to her.

She looked around and I knew from where the girls were laying if they were to look over at her they could see her under the table but no one else in the area could. Just those two girls, maybe, and myself.

She hesitated only a second and then slid the straps of her sundress down her arms. I had to touch my cock as the top of one breast came into view. She caught me looking, paused and ran a finger along the curve, just where it started to come out. She closed her eyes at the feeling and a silent moan escaped her lips. She slid the top further down, slowly, teasing me.

Finally a beautiful nipple came into view. It was already hard, as I suspected. The other one was just as beautiful, and then she left the top of it bunched around her waist.

She pulled her dress up but I couldn't see anything in the shadows. She placed her hands on my knees and started the upward wandering. I stopped her.

"Give me the dress," I said.

She blushed and I could see her weighing the consequences. She blinked at me, still smiling, and

slid the dress down to her ankles. She picked it up and handed it up to me and I put it on top of the picnic table. One hand disappeared underneath her squatting legs and I could see her face twist in pleasure.

"You're such a little slut," I told her and she gasped, her arm moving faster. She reached up with her other hand and unzipped my fly.

For one painful moment she had to fight to get it out of the confinement and then it popped free, shivering in the wind. She held the base of it with her right hand and brought her left up to her mouth, licking the middle finger. Without giving me a chance to even take it all in, she engulfed my cock with her wet, hot mouth and I almost fell off the table.

She took it nice and slow, her right arm and hand hidden away the whole time. I've had quite a few

blowjobs and I knew she liked what she was doing. That made all the difference. When a woman genuinely likes sucking cock it doesn't matter what the technique is. She savored it - fucking savored it - like a good lollipop.

She lingered at the tip, tonguing it, tasting and feeling it respond. And respond it did. It took all the strength I could muster to stop from squirming. Then, just when I couldn't take it anymore, she slid her mouth all the way to the base, licking as she went. I almost blew it right there.

She did this just about 5 times, starting all over, and that's all it took. I think she moaned in orgasm just as I shot off in her mouth, feeling her swallow it all. She continued sucking and I stayed hard, how could I not? Then she lifted her head up, licking her lips.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned. "The next one will have to wait, I'm cramping up down here."

Ah, the reality of the under the table blowjob. I think I might have said it out loud as I put my piece away. "Do you want your dress back?"

"Unless you want to bail me out of jail, yes."

"On one condition," I said.

"Oh, god, what now? Haven't I been enough of a slut for you?"

"Not by a long shot. I want you to join those girls in getting some sun."

"I don't have a bikini! I'm not even wearing underwear!"

"Convince them to go topless too. Of course, you'll also be bottomless."

"Ok, I'll try. Give me back my dress until I get over there. I don't want to scare them off."

I handed it down to her and she slid it up to her waist then crawled out from under the table She was still naked and I saw her pussy was very open and very wet before she pushed the bottom of the dress back in place. I caressed a nipple as she was getting the top in order. "You're really gonna make me do this?" she asked.

"Consider it practice."

"Ok, but get out of sight. I don't want them intimidated by you hovering, being a lecherous boy."

"I'll meet you at the lake later. Have fun."

As she walked over I had to find a place to hide. The back of the gazebo was a good place but I couldn't hear what was being said. I watched, taking in the sight of my sexy girlfriend's ass as she sauntered over to the blondes. One of the blondes raised herself to her elbows when Charmaine introduced herself. She told me later the girl looked at her with lust but of course, I saw none of that. The new girl, who I found out later was named Christine, motioned for her to lie down.

The other girl perked up on her elbows when Charmaine stripped out of her dress quickly without even looking around. God, what a site. My lover was naked in public actively cavorting with two almost naked women. Even from here I could see Charmaine's nipped were rock hard. I heard laughter filter back to me. The girl in the middle, Christine, shrugged and pulled her top off, tossing it behind her. When she laid back down I could see her great breasts sticking up in the air, next to Charmaine's. Her nipples, while not as big as Charmaine's, were also hard.

She later told me that Christine had whispered to her, out of ear shot of the other girl, asking where I was. She had seen me come in with her. Charmaine was upfront and told her I was watching from behind the gazebo, probably jerking off. They both giggled at that.

Then, Charmaine said, Christine began to make an earnest attempt to get her friend to complete disrobe. She finally relented and I watched as the third girl, Alice, slipped off her top. It wasn't sexily done, of course. She just matter of factly took off both the top and bottom, not even questioning the fact that the main girl who was trying to get her to do it still had her bottom on.

Charmaine was taken back when Christine said she didn't like the idea of them being naked on the bottom and their legs facing where people could walk by and see so she suggested that they all turn the other way around. She then peeled her own bottom off.

Unknowing, I gasped as they all stood up giving me an unobstructed view of their sexy bodies and then turned their stuff around so they were facing me. When they lay down again I was in perfect viewing of three semi spread pussies, winking at me like three semi-colons in the distance.

Charmaine spread her legs more than normal giving me a beautiful view. Then she slid a finger down to between her legs and spread her pussy open a little. She told me later that she knew Christine was watching her and it made her even hotter. She began rubbing her little clit in small circles and before very long her legs were moving a little on the grass. By this time I was stroking my cock. I pulled it out of my pants and tugged at it with long, deep strokes.

Christine's head was turned to Charmaine but all she was doing was idly caressing a nipple as she watched. The third girl was oblivious to it all.

Charmaine got off quietly but I did not; I wanted to fuck the little vixen. As soon as she stopped stroking and lay quietly I put the big guy back in my pants and snuck away.

I was sitting on a bench at the little lake in the middle of the park when she came, almost skipping, from across the lake. She was absolutely radiant when she sat down next to me, sighing deeply. She rested her head on my shoulder; her arms folded in her lap.

"Thank you," she whispered throatily.

"Thank you. Did you have fun?"

"Fuck, I came hard, knowing you were watching me. And Christine. I had to struggle not to cry out or disturb Alice."

"First name basis' huh?"

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a little slip of paper. "Even better than that," she announced. On it was written a phone number.

"Damn, I want to fuck you," I whispered to her and she giggled. Back at the car, I did not waste any time. I opened the backseat first off and pushed her in. She pulled her dress up and I could see her wet pussy staring back at me, gaping wide open. I already had my penis out so I entered her without and forethought, up to the hilt.

"Oh, god, fuck me," she cried. "Fuck me!"

I teased her a little, going slow because I knew it wouldn't last. I savored the sensation. Her pussy was on fire and gripped me like a glove. I pulled out slowly and she wouldn't let me go too far, pushing up with me pulling back. It was so incredibly I couldn't even tease her anymore and just started long, hard, fast strokes deep into her hot pussy.

"Yes!" She screamed, meeting me thrust for thrust.

I felt and heard and almost tasted her beginning to orgasm, squealing and pulling at me, squeezing my arm with her hand and my cock with her pussy - pulling, stroking, moaning both her and I, I couldn't hold back didn't want to fuck it! fuck it! I came long and hard, exactly with her, filling her, watching her bite her own hand to keep from crying out too loudly as she shuddered and twisted below me, I fought to hold on like I was riding a bull.

It seemed to go on for a long time. I was still twitching when I pulled slowly out, still rock hard. And this was indeed a record for both of us in the midst of this relationship. Twice and still hard for me and three times for her in a half-hour and she was still horny. She got up on her knees and planted a kiss on my chest, slowly making her way down my waist giving me time to recuperate before she continued her assault. Then she kissed the tip of my cock, licking it up and cleaning it of her pussy juice and my cum.

"Do you like the taste of pussy, you little slut?" I asked. "You better because you are going to get a lot of it soon." She moaned around my cock and moved even faster. It took a lot longer this time and I sat back in the seat, savoring every second of it. She attacked it, literally and I was enchanted. She was lost in the feel of it, oblivious to everything else.

When I finally came it was low key but the experience of her simply enjoying it, getting lost in it was better than anything else. She sat down on the seat, exhausted like me, but radiating even deeper, content.

"Should I call Christine soon?" she asked, breathless.

"Sure, but I want Sandy to be your first so we could get together but no sex for a while."

"I love you," she whispered to me.

In response, I opened the back door and slipped out. Then drove home.

A couple of days later I saw her again with another surprise in store. Charmaine looked hot as usual. I don't think she could make herself not look hot. She's one of those women who could be covered in dirt and mud or Jelly (sorry, I was day dreaming) and still look completely fuckable. She had on a simple black top and leather pants that were definitely not too tight but the whole thing still looked slutty, on her. On anyone else it might not. Her red hair was still wet. Man, do I love that look. Maybe I was just extra horny that night, who knows.

"Hello lover," she said quietly and leaned in to kiss me. I took her in my arms and we stretched it out for a few minutes. "Wow," she mumbled. "Are we going to make it out of here tonight?"

"I don't think so," I responded. "I brought something." I gestured to the table and the to case she hadn't noticed.

She pouted. "You know how I feel about the camera."

"I want to record Sandy a message. Audio only if you want. I want her to know how much you're looking forward to her coming next week."

Her stern look melted. "I am and I've been cumming all week thinking about her coming."

"I bet."

While I unpacked the camera Charmaine could not keep her hands off me. She rubbed up against my back, her breasts pushing into me. I was hard again in a very short time. I finally got everything set up, took a step back from her and aimed the camera. Charmaine wasn't shy about it at all and we've recorded things before but never to be sent out.

"Say hello to Sandy, Charmaine," I said, filming.

She adopted a shy, little-girl pose, two hands behind her back, looking at the ground and whispered "Hi Sandy." The effect was very sexy.

"Sandy, my friend," I said. "I have a surprise for you when you get here, finally. Would you like a closer look at it?" With that I zoomed in and ran the camera up and down Charmaine's body. I don't know what had come over me. I motioned silently and Charmaine turned around showing her cute little ass to Sandy, through the camera.

"I hope you like what you see."

Charmaine was blushing bright red by the time I was done. I then put the camera, still recording, on the coffee table and aimed it at the couch. I dragged Charmaine over to the couch and sat her down, in plain view of the camera. I really think she would have let me do whatever I wanted and send it to Sandy, a woman she didn't even know. I was amazed at her trance-like obedience.

I started kissing her, slow at first and then, as she began responding, more passionately. Before long she was moaning loudly and when I put a hand on her breast, she gasped into my mouth. I tugged her shirt up and over her breasts. Now Sandy, when she watched, could see Charmaine in only her bra, obviously aroused and responding to my touch. I reached under the table and pulled out blindfold I had hid there earlier. Charmaine gasped when she saw it.

As I put it around Charmaine's head I imagined what must be going through Sandy's mind as she watched this video. When it was securely in place I said "Pretend I'm Sandy." And I was rewarded by another deep moan.

Just to tease her, I threw Charmaine's shirt over the front of the camera, cutting off the video but leaving the sound intact. Now Sandy was blinded too.

Now I really went to town. I pushed her onto her back and slid her pants slowly off her body, savoring it as each inch of her came into view. When I had them off and threw them on to the floor I looked up and noticed she already had her bra off and was playing with her nipples.

"Mike, fuck me! I need to come!" she said very loudly.

"Nope," I said. "I'm gonna lick that hot pussy and you're going to have to beg to let you come. But not me, I won't have mercy. You'll have to beg Sandy to let you come and when I think you have done so enough, as I know her, then I'll let you."

"Oh god," she whispered. "I'm so fucking hot! Please, please let me come. Don't do this to me!"

I pulled her panties off her body. They were soaked. "You're so fucking wet! You little slut. What do you want? Do you want me to tongue you? Tongue your wet pussy?"

"Yes, oh god yes!"

I got in place but just teased the top of her pussy with my tongue. She spread her legs, bucking, trying to get my tongue inside her. She was so hot I knew just a few licks and she would be over the edge. I wanted to tease her more.

"Please! What are you waiting for?!?! Please do it!"

"Please what?"

"Please! please! Sandy!" The word was drawn out of her, "Lick my pussy! Please, I NEED to cum, Sandy! please!"

I dove in and she screamed, gripping me with her legs as I found her little button. I sucked on it for a few seconds, feeling her pulse beneath my tongue, than I pulled away. "Oh, god, NO! Sandy, please, I'll do anything you say! Please!"

Her hand reached down to finish the job. "If you touch your pussy again I will tie you up and put you over my knee to spank? Do you understand? Now lick that finger clean."

"Yes, yes, I understand. Please, mistress, please let me cum. I'll be good." The finger in her mouth muffled her words. God, it was incredibly hot. She heard me unzip my pants and she started squirming on the couch.

"Fuck, me, please!"

I got up off the couch and moved closer to the camera. Behind me Charmaine moaned in frustration. I got real close and said: "If you were here, Sandy, you could be strapping on a dildo right now and she'd really be begging you instead of me. You'd be able to see how wet her pussy is and how open and spread she is for you."

All through this Charmaine moaned behind me on the couch. "But you're not here. I'm here. And I'm going to make her suck me and cum in her mouth so she can lick me clean before I let her cum."

"Yes, yes yes yes yes," Charmaine was Chanting behind me. "Let me suck you!"

I moved back to the couch and aimed my cock at her hole. She was completely out of her mind now. Barely coherent. She was biting a finger that she was still sucking on. "I'm going to put it in for a few strokes so you can have the taste of pussy as you suck my cock. You're so wet that my dick will be well coated with your pussy. I don't want you to cum as I do this, do you understand? Or you will be punished."

"Yes, yes, please just fuck me."

I put it in slowly and inch by inch let it all the way in to the hilt.

"Faster!" she cried "Faster!" But I didn't. I slowly pulled back out and then put it just as slowly back in again. She was out of control. Mumbling everything, Sandy's name, my name, curses, her name anything and everything. Mostly pleas of faster, faster. I pulled out completely and she moaned deeply; a guttural, low growl really.

"Ok, slut. I want you to kneel down at the foot of the couch and suck my cock, tasting pussy all the time, until I cum in your mouth. When I cum, I want you to imagine its Sandy coming. Then, if you did a good job, I'll let you cum."

She did as I asked, kneeling in front of me. She bent down to take it into her mouth but I stopped her. "Not until I tell you," I said. She stopped, waiting expectantly. She was panting heavily, loudly, and the blindfold made it so much sexier. She wet her lips, still waiting. "Spread those legs you slut. I want that pussy wide open."

She did so and she groaned deeper, "Oh god, I can feel my pussy leaking down my leg."

"If you make a mess on my floor you're going to lick it up. Go ahead, suck it!"

She engulfed my cock with her hot mouth and I could just barely hold back. It was so fucking

incredibly hot: she was lost in the moment. No technique whatsoever, she couldn't concentrate on

anything like that this time.

"Do you like the taste of Sandy's pussy?" I asked her and felt her moan loudly around my cock, sending vibration I felt to my knees. She moved her body up and down. "Look at you, humping the air like a bitch in heat! You really like the taste of pussy don't you?"

She brought her head off my cock. "Yes!" She screamed then couldn't wait anymore and sucked me in again. I had it - I felt the start of a long distance cum race on and felt myself float away, carried by the sensations emanating from my cock. What seemed like minutes later, I felt myself erupting into her mouth, drenching her with cum.

With that, I saw Charmaine bucking the air wildly, not a thing touching her pussy and she was cumming! Her cute butt clenched and un-clenched as she screamed around my cock, gurgling as I shot my cum down her throat.

I wanted Sandy to experience this so I said, "Look at you! You're coming without anyone even touching your pussy! What a good slut you are, kneeling in front of me sucking my pussy flavored cock, humping the air!"

Finally she fell to the floor, spent. I managed to get off the couch and go to the camera. "I hope you enjoyed that Sandy. Just think how much more fun it would have been if you were actually here both of you blindfolded and naked obeying my orders."

I shut off the camera.