Written by Harry_Lorraine

03 Mar 2015

Okay all readers out there, as most people know us, we are a really serious genuine dogging couple. And we always go for the biggest challenges in dogging. So, what we mean by this is - what you read is not a fantasy story, a dream or a made-up story, but rather a genuine dogging session experience.

We were out in Durban in the Suncoast area. It was a very warm evening, so we were dressed lightly, and had our swimming gear with us. It was a Thursday night, actually more Friday morning because it was 2am. We left the casino to take a swim. We went to the pools between the casino and blue lagoon. As doggers you can follow up our end, lol. We started with a swim. Security were patrolling the area every hour, and the main office of the beach security is at the pools, as those who know the pools will know.

We ended up in the center pool that has slides. Wife ended up lying on one of the slides, on her back. I got turned on. Lol. Oh boy, I had her breasts cupped in my hands as security went past and saw what was happening. He said nothing, so we figured he wouldn't mind. So it didn't take long, just five minutes and he was back on his next patrol. So he was checking our moves. We didn't care. On his third round passing us, I removed her top, so that he could see her tits on his fourth patrol. On his fifth patrol I was licking her pussy, and her tits were no longer covered at all. On his eighth patrol I lifted her legs up, to get her feet on my shoulders, to do my job. As I entered her, security stopped and turned to face us, to watch us. We got on with the job, and then got out and got dressed. Security then left to finish his patrol. And we left too!

It's our most extreme dogging so far.

Keep looking for our dogging stories. Will tell next time of our under-table move next time. This was in a very busy pub in Morningside.