22 Apr 2019

I was really not sure if Anna would pitch up today, as per our previous encounter.

Things did happen rather quickly on Saturday morning and the proceedings of what happened kept racing through my mind that evening.

Anna looked so sexy, attractive, well-spoken and a very beautiful personality, her soft hands, her perfect touch made my heart racing and my too eager cock to grow again and again wanting me to play as I lay sleepless in my bed. How it felt like when she touched me and that moment when she put her mouth over my pulsating cock, the warmth and that feeling when my balls tensed up, unleashing my think load of cum into her mouth as she eagerly swallowed each shot.

I could hardly sleep at all. Did I do the right thing by being pushy like that, the all too well scenario of ‘What if…….’ Played over and over in my mind.

Things could have easily gone the other way and then I would have been in deep way over my head, but it did not I guess and only this morning would tell me if I did the right thing or not, If and when Anna will be there to meet me. I am nervous maybe a little scared too to find out but as I got into the shower I manned up and told myself that there is only one way to find out and that is to go and see if she is there.


I climb into my bakkie, start the engine, slowly creep in reverse out of the yard. Here goes everything.

Builders are already open and as I drive up, I can see there is already a great number of customers around, I look at my usual spot where I park, my heart stopped dead………. there is a car, not Anna’s and there is someone still sitting in it. As I park I dare to look and then only did I realize that I am not breathing as I should, my heart’s racing, I can feel how it pumps in my chest as I look over into the drivers side of the car next to me and there she was, the most beautiful face looking at me with a shy little smile, her hand come up and give me a little wave.

I got out, as she did and we greeted with an awkward but warm hug. That’s when I knew all is OK. I asked her if she wants to go into builders for some coffee and a chat, she agreed.

You can never tell with time when it stopped or passes you by so quickly after two cups of coffee, we both got into agreement that we both liked what happened and that Anna wanted more of me / us, as she nor I wants to compare her husband with me nor make her life complicated we want NSA fun.

In her own words “You are nothing like him and I love the look and feel of your beautiful soft skin cock in my hands and want to feel you deep inside me, I want to feel your hot thick cum shoot inside me” which I replied “Only if you allow me to eat you after I cum inside you” Anna smiled and told me that she is not wearing any panties today. (Did I awake her inner demon of naughtiness or was it always there to be begin with).

My cock just rose to the great news, I told her that we must leave now as I am getting harder, looking down at her dress, legs apart. I told her that I want to fuck her right now. She told me there is a house close by that she is looking after for some friends that has gone away for the long weekend if I am willing to go.

That my friends are another story to follow………