Written by Eyezwideshut

29 Aug 2016

If it was safe and private to do so......I would want you to lay me naked on the bonnet of the car and relish my body in every way a man can until you plunges into my swollen pussy and spurts your load of semen inside me. However, that is not the way it can be , so we drove off with me laying back in my reclined seat. My hand feels your hardness and lust.....I want you inside me and know I will be squirting if that happened. I know I can make you cum in an instant if I'm not careful and I don't want that. So I start to bring you down a bit. I release your cock and stroke your arm and neck.

When we eventually arrive at the lodge , you take my hand and lead me to the door. It's already twilight and we step into a lamp lit room with a huge double bed and a roaring fire going. I press myself against you and kiss you passionately. I take your hands and put them both inside my unbuttoned blouse. Your caressing make my nipples instantly hard and makes my juices flow . I press my hips against your hardness and my hands tugs at your belt buckle to get in there. Soon my blouse is off and I stand in my skirt in front of you unbuttoning your shirt and unzipping you. Your pants falls to the floor and your muscles and hairy chest glows in the firelight. Now I have you in your boxers and I slip my hand into the fly to grasp your throbbing swollen cock. It springs out into the open and I drop to my knees in front of you. I take your cock in my lips and as I do this...I slide your boxers down your hips and thighs until your erection stops it going down further. I pull the seam over it and there he stands in all his glory...streams of glistening pre-cum mixed with my saliva...making beams of light in the firelight.

Now I hold your balls and massage them with one hand...With the other encircling your shaft. I lick and nibble your cherry and flick my tongue in the slit. I love the taste of your juices and love to play my tongue just under your cherry in that ultra sensitive place....where the skin forms a vee. As I do this, I stroke up and down and every so often I deep throat you so that your shaft is soaked with my saliva. It flows in great drops and soaks your thighs. My own juices are running out of me now. I had removed my panties when we came in.....without you seeing and now I feel the arch of your bare foot pressing up into my crutch. It is so sexy and erotic. I rub my pussy on your foot and you feel my juices making you wet. Now you wanna taste me too. So you lift me up and lay me on my back on the big bed with my legs apart. You kneel on the floor between my thighs and your kisses and tongue trace a route up from my knees to the warm wetness of my pussy. I am panting and moaning. Now your fingers is there and then your tongue.....and my client is so in focus . I feel for your cock with my toes and then try to stroke you between my feet as you lap me into ecstasy. Now we both want you inside me and I shout at you to fuck me. Rising to your feet you slip inside me and pump and pump. Deep and fast. I feel filled rigth up and I feel my kegels and skeens starting to vibrate.

And then it came. Great squirting and huge organs. I squirting and squirt onto your cock and you carry on fucking me faster and faster. You cum with a roar and I feel your spurt inside me. Together we shout and swore. Our juices and bodies melded into one ......





Orgasmic continuation. .....

And that is just the start of our night together. .......