Written by lustylove

30 Mar 2012

Firstly, my personal rant and rave:-

It is so sad that most parents don't realize that the damage they do during the forming years of a child's life will literally take years and years (if ever) of very hard work to erase. All the hang-ups, negativity, misconceptions, insecurities, crippled pride, personal sexual denial and the oh so often enjoyment-of-sex-is-a-crime syndrome are all part of the scar tissue of a wounded childhood.


On Valentine's Day 2011, my wife (a virgo) presented me with a personal portfolio of 90 soft erotic photos that she had taken at a professional female friendly studio. The portfolio was intended exclusively for private use and not for commercial purposes (agreement signed to that effect). For her to do this was a major step in the direction of sexual enlightenment, as she comes from an extremely strict overly conservative Afrikaans upbringing. The most naked skin shown on these photo's were uncovered breasts, but that in itself was a major hurdle for her, and I'm so proud of her.

I (a pisces) on the other hand, are much more sensual and sexual than her, I'm all for experimenting with sex in general, as well as different kinds of kink that that may even border on extreme fetishes. I'm very close to a complete nudist and raise my two kids not only to be at ease within their own skins and to be confidant and proud of their bodies, yet also to always be respectful and to take responsibility for all of their actions.

I want to experience all the world has to offer and would do most of it again and again. My spouse often accuse me of being addicted to sex...!! It's not that I'm addicted, is simply that contrary to what is general excepted, I'm totally at ease with my sexual side.


So, in August this year we will be celebrating our 9th anniversary and I want to return the favor of a soft erotic photo shoot, but as one of the gifts for this anniversary is leather, I would like to do a few bondage shots as well.

Although she is overly conservative and refuse to chat about sex openly, I sense that she would rather enjoy the lifestyle, especially as it really turns her from a drizzle to a tsunami when she had a good flirt with friends, or when I indicated to her that a guy had perved her in a restaurant, etc. As she's not familiar or into the lifestyle, I want to introduce / entice her to be more relaxed about it. In order to achieve that, I need to connect to couples that will not be pushy, inconsiderate or overly zealous regarding the ultimate goal. I want to build normal friendships that may one day (or never) lead to her sexual awakening...