Written by tweedledee

02 Jul 2014

So after round one left us with a few fleeting memories we decided to give it another go. Timing was good for a Monday afternoon rendezvous….Toyboy was game after been convinced to come out of retirement for one last go….wifey had two weeks to plan and was going completely nuts by the Monday morning…..But this time I was going in with a plan….I needed to ensure that this would be something to remember….keep the pace constant…Im a little OCD that way. I knew that if it was left to her it would be over in 5minutes. The anticipation was almost too much. Watching her waiting for him to arrive was like watching a classic movie. She had on a Sissy Boy purple bra which was so complementary, a black woolen v-neck sweater, a tartan mini skirt with black stockings and knee high boots. I sat in the chair, watching her pace the room. It was perfect with a king size bed….exactly as imagined. He arrived on time as usual and I could see how happy he was to see her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply….like long lost lovers (I always thought this would be awkward for me….we have been married for 17 years, together for 21 and I felt weird that this turned me on more than it bothered me) She took off his shirt and undid his pants. I walked up behind her and kissed her neck, running my hands up the front of her sweater. I heard a moan as I cupped a breast in each hand. It came from her stomach, she pushed back against me and I felt myself go rock hard in an instant…..Now I know some think, so what….Im 44, rock hard and instant are not constant in my vocab…these things take time and patience……Her lips were still on his, but she was not kissing, she was hanging on. I leaned back and lifter her top over her head….she held onto him, I unzipped her skirt and it fell to the ground. I unclasped her bra and she moaned again. We turned her sideways and she put an arm around our necks taking turns in kissing us. We both at the same time bent down taking one of her erect nipples in our mouths….again she groaned but this time her knees gave it. She hung there like an injured rugby player ( I cant think of another analogy) . I looked at him and we each slid a hand into the stocking and slid it down her leg, never releasing the nipples…..she was whimpering, that same sound a puppy makes when its really hungry.

I put my hand on the inside of her thy and told our new best friend ( from now on referred to as NBF) to do the same and pick her up and take her to the bed. I felt the wetness on her leg. He must have too as he looked at me a smiled. She was literally dripping….she was off the charts….

We both lay down besides her, kissing, licking hands all over her body….she just quivered and moaned and whimpered…..fingers inside her on her around her, rubbing and poking but careful not to let her cum. After about 15minuts she was starting to get irritated….she was raising her hips every time one of us came close to her pussy. She tried to take her arm from underneath him and touch herself but I showed him to refrain her. I thought she was going to cry…

Ok this was my Movie and I was the director so I was becoming quiet bossy with them all.

I hooked my leg over hers and showed NBF to do the same. We spread her legs….i showed him to put a little lube on his hand and with two fingers to gently rub her now ever swollen clitoris….i put some lube on my hand (why I don’t know) . I told him that we had to do it together and at the same time put our mouths each over a nipple and roll it between our lips…..So I hope the scene is set in your minds as it was in mine, the idea was that all these feelings would culminate in one major orgasm….

ACTION (ok I never actually said it but we look at each other and nodded and went in…Mouths over boobs his hand on her clit, my two fingers into her soaking pussy…..3 seconds and she arched her back and came like the Niagara falls (Maybe one day she will tell her version of events or even NBF might do the same) but I have never experience this before…..it was a fountain, we looked at each other, I could feel her nails in my neck and by the look on his face he had the same pain. We never left the boobs but started to rub, suck and finger. She tried to close her legs….she does this when it gets sensitive, usually after hours, not just mere seconds…..At this stage I have to admit that I felt a little sadistic “you wanting this darling, there is no backing out now” I held her leg, he looked at me, I nodded and he did the same, he kept on rubbing I kept on pushing my fingers in and out. The vein on her neck looked like the vein on my cock, she was red in the face, she was shaking and she squirted and squirted….it did not stop, her stomach muscles tight, she tried to sit up….we both put our weight on her, she could not move…..eventually when I thought that it was too much I showed him to release her and roll back…..she let go of us, pulled her knees to her head in a fetal position and lay there quivering for about a minute while we watched the cum run out of her pussy like a slow running stream…..when she eventually relaxed and lay back, I could see in her eyes that this was far from over….they were in Spot light mode and she was only just getting started….the shock was over and this was now her game…..ok you two fuckers, she says lie down…..(on the very very wet bed) There I am lying next to another dude, both of us with huge hadrons (ok in our world they are always huge but please accept poetic license here).

She is now on her knees looking at us with a smirk on her face, cock in each hand. I wish I could have had my camera for that pic. It was a look I could never forget…..from then on she was in charge….first she sucked NBF then she sucked me, take me at least to the edge on many occasions…..

Now I don’t know about the rest of the males out there but it sometimes gets too much and the concentration on not blowing the load to early leads to a bit of droop….it happened to both of us….but she was having none of it…..as soon as one of us went a little soft she went all out to rectify the issue…it was pure torture….

After about 20 minutes of this game she looks at NBF and says “would you like to taste some of that cum that I dish out so freely?” He has a sheepish grin which we all take as yes…. I say, “I hope you can breathe under water?” she climes onto his face and swallows his cock all the way down her throat….his eyes open wide (im just standing there watching this smiling because I know that feeling oh so well) he recovers after the initial shock and buries his face into her pussy, she looks up at me and smiles with his cock in her hand…she nodes at me to come over. Now I am kneeling between his legs and she has the tip of my cock and his cock together in her mouth…..Again I want you to know that I am borderline homophobic ….at the very least I do not like man love but this image was very erotic….then she starts to suck hard….she is tugging at his cock and sucking me all the way down her throat….almost to gagging…..she arches up and I know she is going to cum again….i glance at NBF as the fist droplets hit him, he squeezes his eyes closed just as it hits him in the face…he is swallowing but its running down his mouth….there is too much….i worry that he is going to drown……I push her off him and she looks at me for a few seconds before she says “now I want to be fucked please”….she makes NBF lie on his back and she puts her head on his lap and spreads her legs for me…..She tells him to kiss her and play with her nipples while she has his cock in her hand….i kneed between her legs and start to move while she uses her free hand on her clit….i can see that NBF is taking the technique in….he won’t forget how she likes it….now she is looking at me and mouths without words “Fuck me Baby”…. I don’t need too many offers like that and I am now in full rhythm…For her its not about how hard or how quickly, but rather about going the same as the clit rub speed, and after all these years I have it taped…..I could feel it building again and knew I was in for a big one. The thought was not out of my mind when the warm liquid hit me…..I can see its time to end this now. She smiles at me, I nod my head to the side and she jumps up and turn over onto her knees burring her head into his lap and opening her pussy for me…..no more invitation needed……(for those of you who have not experienced a woman that squirts a lot, it can get very dry…..oxymoron I know but the water is not lube, its not slimy, its just wet but dry????Figure it out) so now I get some lube and wipe it onto and into her pussy and over my cock, I slide into her like a hot knife into butter and she moans that moan again…..now the rhythm starts…..i go slowly and NBF is lying there with his eyes closed…..i know its not going to last long….i tell him to give her warning about when he is going to cum….he nods….she picks up speed and so do i….we are moving, I see NBF open his eyes and I look at him….”im going to cum he says” she carries on but I see her hand moves to his balls and now im moving hard and deep…..she is sucking hard and again he says “im going to cum” starts to squeeze his balls and he seems to hold out for another few seconds…..again he says “now I can hold it” and she pulls away as he blows his load into her hair and face….within 5 seconds I feel myself about to explode and I push deep as her pussy clamps onto my cock….i push and explode inside her as she cums again, her hand never stopping with NBF cock….she looks at him, looks over her shoulder at me, smiles and pusher her mouth over his cock…..he moaned like she did……his back arched and I jammed one more time as I felt my self empty into her……

I pulled out and collapsed onto the bed, NBF lay there panting not quiet believing what had just happened…..She gets up, gets herself a drink and comes back to the bed….kisses us both…..yea I know I was freaked out but was not going to spoil the moment……

She lay there between us like it was the most natural thing in the world…..and then we chatted….about dreams and aspirations…..lifes ups and downs….

It was eventually over and NBF had to go back to his life and his hope of retiring from this game….who know…..maybe some day again but for now the memory live on.