Written by Anonymous

10 May 2019

I'm wearing a blouse with buttons down the front and a skirt. I recline my seat and make myself comfortable. I tell you to follow my instructions as I give them verbal and gestured, and close my eyes. I extend my arm and place my hand on your knee, telling you to stroke it lightly. My other hand continue stroking my neck and upper body.

I wriggle back deeper into the seat and straightened my legs out and slightly apart. I unbutton my blouse and you gawked to see my bra was gone. I caress and twirl my nipple then lift your hand from my arm and place it on the soft bulge of my upper breast. I slit my skirt up above my knees until the expanse of my thighs gleams in the sunlight.

I push my hips up and rotate them a little, then continue to slide my skirt up until the soft join of my legs and hips comes into view. Up higher and now you can see the front of my g-string. I open my thighs and caress myself. You scent the faint scent of my womanhood and take your hand and press on my pudenda,it is warm and moist.

You run a finger up the g-string to the waist band and I lift my hips to signal that you must pull it off. When it's off I open my legs wider still and you slide your finger tips down to feel the wetness between them. Your fingers skirted around my labia on the sides until they come to my perineum where they feel my juices flowing out in streams.

You tease me truly and completely that it overwhelms me. When I open my eyes after a few minutes, I look at you and say "Thank you".

You start the car with a smile and drive back onto the highway, full of wondering as to what I had in store next.