Written by Who knows

13 Mar 2017

Hi there. I have been away on vacation for a while. With hubby on pension, I guess it will happen more often.

Must tell you I have converted another white wife to BBC this past weekend. We were at a holiday resort for the last week of the holiday. Yesterday we were at the pool and I soon spotted a white woman chatting to a young black guy. I immediately picked up the looks and chats etc. She would check where her hub was and then she would float on her back in front of him. Every time she got up she would shift her top allowing him quick glimpses of her tits. It was obvious. Hubby wanted to go back to the chalet but I decided to stay and watch. Did not tell him.

This kept on going for some time. I decided to join and see what happens. I entered the pool and got close to them/her. Soon we were chatting about various little things. Her hubby stopped by and said that they were going to play table tennis and left.

I asked her if she knew the black guy. She said no and that he was an off duty life guard at the resort. I asked her if she had ever thought about black cock. She was shocked at my question. I told her that I saw her looking at him and him at her. Also told her that I had wondered about it and that I had made it happen recently.

I then asked her if she wanted to fuck him. She blushed and did not want to answer. I then suggested we both fuck him in the changeroom / bathroom. Again she was caught off guard. I said that we had to do it now as both our hubbies would return shortly. She said that she did not think it would work. I took her and we swam back to the black guy. I introduced myself and soon all 3 were chatting in the pool. I could see his hard on. I lowered my boobs under the water and adjusted my top making sure he could see. I then “accidentaly” touched his hard-on and asked him if he knew how to handle that big bulge. He just smiled shyly. I commented that he was in the pool with 2x wet mature white woman and asked if he wanted to go to the changeroom. He said he had always fantasised about white women. He took us to a separate staff bathroom and locked the door. We both sucked and fucked him. I also had the chance to eat her pussy, something she also had not done before. All in all, very successful afternoon for the three of us